2013: Year of “Community”

This year, 2013, is the year when the shift from  “me”  (an individuality of one) to  “we”  (a community of people in oneness) becomes a demonstrable experience and reality in the world. The following “energy forecast” video by Lee Harris for the year 2013 presents the case for describing 2013 as the “year of community.”

Since 2011, I have followed the annual “energy forecasts” of Lee Harris, which were included in a few blogs at our site, The Mystical Path. I have found a great deal of synchronicity between his yearly forecast messages and my own spiritual perceptions and directed soul experiences for the same corresponding years.

2012 to him was the year of “power,” and 2011, the year of “illumination” — fittingly so in the light of the timeline for evolving consciousness that was encoded into the Mayan calendar, according to the hypothesis of researcher and author Carl Johan Calleman.

Lee considers this year, 2013, to be the year of “community.” I concur with his prognostications regarding the directions to which emergent transformational energies are now moving or taking us. Watch the video below and hear what Lee has to say about that.



We are nearly halfway through 2013, and an assessment of how this year has been unfolding would be appropriate. Share your comments with us on how you feel about 2013 as the “year of community.”

About Marc of Contemplative Pathways

Marc teaches contemplative meditation in the context of "contemporary mysticism" under the style of "Contemplative Pathways." His spiritual work is backed by a profound understanding of mystical teachings and the mystical life, that is rooted in fifty (50) years of personal study, practice and spiritual unfoldment (inner realization and spiritual experience).  In the course of his spiritual journey, he has received the gifts of mystical discernment and spiritual transmission. Marc has been conducting classes and meetings on contemporary mysticism and meditation at the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years, usually in a classroom, lecture, seminar, workshop, online meeting, or group practice setting. He has facilitated study groups and workshops for centering/contemplative meditation practice meetings since the 1980s. Marc's teaching work meaningfully shifts consciousness in students through the process of spiritual transmission and mystical transformation.  He enables others to embark on the spiritual journey by understanding the Truth teaching and by living its principles in their daily lives. His methodology of instruction is divinely inspired and firmly rooted in pure, authentic mysticism.  Marc's approach to the subject of contemporary mysticism is essentially nondenominational, nonsectarian, culturally interfaith, transreligious, definitively unitive, and unequivocally nondualistic. Within the context of the great shift in consciousness presently occurring all over the planet, Marc’s work focuses on individual and collective spiritual instruction and transformation. He promotes the practice of contemplation or meditation as the vehicle for spiritual transcendence and ascension to the higher dimensions of mystical consciousness. His other contributions to worldwide spiritual awakening and the global contemplative movement include spiritual mentoring, spiritual direction, and spiritual healing work. Marc is firmly committed to the vision of a global spiritual awakening and the divine promise of humanity’s mystical illumination. His brand of mysticism is the only true contemporary mysticism born of 21st century illumination and spirituality.  
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