Shoep Remembered

In December of last year, we published a blog about Shoep, an aging arthritic dog, and his loving owner John Unger. Both dog and owner became world famous when their picture (below) together and the story of their relationship went viral over the Internet.

With sadness and regret, we share the news that Shoep made his transition yesterday, July 18, 2013.

Photograph of John Unger and his dog, Schoep.

John Unger and his dog, Schoep. / WCCO/Hannah Stonehouse Hudson,

Here is the news as reported by (Click the photo image above to watch the news video.)

    Aged dog who gained fame for tender photo with owner dies

    One of the nation’s most beloved pets has passed away, reports CBS Minnesota.

    Schoep gained national attention after a photo of him and his owner in Lake Superior went viral. He was 20 years old.

    A message posted on the Schoep and John Facebook page said simply, “I breathe but I can’t catch my breath … Schoep passed yesterday, more information in the days ahead.”

    Schoep was a lovable shepherd mix, who lost his sight to cataracts and struggled with arthritis and hip problems.

    The world first met Schoep after he and his owner, John Unger, were captured floating in Lake Superior, a typical routine for a dog owner who wanted to find joint pain relief for his beloved four-legged friend.

    Letters, support and thousands of dollars quickly poured in from around the world, all finding a connection with Schoep and his owner.

    The more than $10,000 in donations had been used for a weekly laser therapy to stimulate old cells in Schoep’s body. The cells then reproduced faster, reducing swelling and pain.

    The treatments bought Schoep and John one more year together.

    Nearly 130,000 people have followed Schoep’s story on his Facebook page.

Poster on heaven-sent dogs.

How blessed John and Shoep are, to have had each other and to have loved each other. Peace and love to you both.


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