Caesar’s Messiah

A MOST WONDERFUL documentary presenting the theory that the Christian gospels were products of Roman Flavian propaganda. Perhaps the best in its genre.

It is not at all surprising that we, humanity, should have the benefit of this documentary’s insights into the origins of our religious belief systems, particularly Christianity, at this point in time — this crucial stage of evolving human consciousness — this seminal phase in the unfolding drama of a global spiritual awakening.

A million thanks to the makers and contributors of the documentary, and my most sincere appreciation to the person(s) responsible for publicly posting it on YouTube.

And now, back to the business of illuminating the human mind.

Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

The following sources supplement the documentary Caesar’s Messiah.



About Marc of Contemplative Pathways

Marc teaches contemplative meditation in the context of contemporary mysticism. His understanding of the mystical life is rooted in close to 40 years of study, practice, unfoldment, realization and experience, in the course of which he has received the gifts of spiritual discernment and transmission. His teaching work meaningfully shifts consciousness in a student through the process and alchemy of mystical transformation.   Marc facilitates the mystical teachings under the style of Contemplative Pathways. He enables others to embark on the spiritual journey by learning and understanding the Truth teaching and by living its principles. He has been conducting classes and meditation meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years in a classroom, lecture, workshop, online meeting, or group practice setting.   His methodology of instruction is divinely inspired and firmly rooted in pure authentic mysticism. His approach to the mystical life is essentially nondenominational, nonsectarian, culturally interfaith, spiritually transreligious, and definitively unitive and nondualistic. His other contributions to worldwide spiritual awakening and the global contemplative movement include spiritual mentoring and spiritual healing practice.   Within the context of the great shift in consciousness now occurring all over the planet, Marc’s work presently focuses on individual and collective spiritual transformation and healing. He promotes the practice of contemplation or meditation as the vehicle for transcendence and ascension to the higher dimensions of mystical consciousness.   Marc is firmly committed to the vision of a global spiritual awakening and the divine promise of humanity’s mystical illumination.  
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2 Responses to Caesar’s Messiah

  1. Joni Oliver says:

    It is truly illuminating to see the extent human beings to which man will go to deny God’s existence or presence . Because man does not acknowledge the existence of God and denies omnipotence he can not even begin to perceive spiritual activity in this world. nor can he detect any level of divinity in the world. These learned men have all conspired to obscure the light that is the Life of man through their combined accumulated education and/or life experience . They have not known that first they must believe before they can begin to see.Where was God while emperors, kings, historians, geologists, archeologist, et al were doing all in their power to obliterate God’s will and purpose?
    Was God too weak to deter them? It is laughable to see them beat at the wind. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, saith the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding. Do not be taken in by appearances, God is absolutely always in control .This entire film is a glimpse into the mindsets of unbelievers and nay sayers, be they ever so educated.


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