The Devil, Demonic Possession, and We

On Facebook, where we maintain a presence, a recent chat transpired between a “mystical aspirant” and me about the subjects of the devil and the demonic possession. I am sharing and reproducing the Facebook conversation here.

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The Mystical Path (TMP):
(Original post in thread.)
“God is light, and in Him, there is no darkness at all.” Mysticism teaches that God is the only Being there is: Then, the light is all that there is, and by that light, there is no darkness at all.

Mystical Aspirant (SG):
Is the devil an Illusion? just seeking to understand!

Graphic Representation of the Devil

Graphic Representation of the Devil
Compliments of Rare Wallpapers

TMP: Hello, SG.

      “Is the devil an illusion?” That is an intelligent and profound question which definitely deserves a commensurate response other than a terse yes or no. Social media, such as Facebook, may not be the adequate or appropriate forum and medium to deliver an exhaustive, satisfying reply, but since you have raised it here, I shall respond with the most that circumstances allow.

      God and the Devil

      God and the Devil

      Let me begin with a qualification:  The “devil” character that is part of the mainstream Christian belief system is basically a personified embodiment for ascribing the source or cause of what is termed moral evil (d’evil or “the evil”) as opposed to the concept of moral good, which is attributed to a personified Creator-God. In the context of Christianity’s mythos, the devil does not exist as an absolute reality in the same manner that the personified anthropomorphic Creator-God does not exist. (I do not discount the possibility that on an imagined basis, either or both personifications can be experienced as real by an individual who is driven and energized emotionally by the mental processes of belief and/or fear.)

      In more than sixty years of living this human lifetime, I have never encountered the devil. However, I have known and seen wrongful acts or evil perpetrated by human beings on other human beings and to other sentient beings, without the instigation or instrumentality of a devil. I have thus been led to the metaphysical understanding that while the devil does not exist externally as a person, there is something operating in the mind of man that corresponds functionally to an evil influence.

      In the religious, metaphysical and esoteric systems, it has been called carnal mind, mortal mind, the ruler of this world, mass consciousness, concupiscence, etc., all being descriptive of a “prevailing mindset” that dominates the human mind. The mindset is characterized by a belief in duality: the existence of opposing forces or pairs of opposites. Back to your question — in this context of a “prevailing mindset” rooted in duality we might say that evil exists as an opposite principle to good, and is, therefore, not an illusion to the human experience.

      But in NONDUALIST MYSTICISM where the absolute oneness of God is recognized as the only truth and reality, evil is illusory, meaning to say: Evil does not have an independent reality of its own that is capable of making evil an opposing force or power. Here, evil is often compared to darkness which does not oppose the shining of the light. Darkness recedes from view and ceases to be an experiential condition once the light is introduced in a room. The darkness does not run away or flee from the light. Rather, the light reveals the emptiness or nothingness of the darkness.

      Photograph of door opening to let in light.

      Light and Darkness

      Darkness is a condition that is experienced in the absence of the light. In a similar vein, evil is experienced as a condition in life by the individual consciousness that has not realized the oneness and singularity of God, that is, to the “unillumined mind” or the “spiritually asleep.”

      Evil is experienced only at the level of the human condition due precisely to the human state of consciousness (which is naturally rooted in the belief in duality). When mystical consciousness is awakened, the individual begins to see through the appearance of evil and duality: He then becomes transcendentally aware of its illusory nature. And like darkness that disappears, evil ceases from one’s experience.

      May the light and wisdom of God shine brightly in us. Blessings.

TMP: Let me know if I have been responsive to your question and helpful.

SG: Thanks very Much Marc! You have been very very responsive to my question! Thanks

SG: Kindly help me understand, about demonic infestations

TMP: What do you mean by “demonic infestations”? Can you please explain or be more specific?

SG: Lets say people who become demonically possed, then they receive physical signs for example scratches on there body

TMP: You are referring to the phenomenon of “demonic possession”. Why are you interested in it? Does it concern you or someone else?

SG: It does not concern me just asking as a mystic aspirant

TMP: Blessings to you, SG.

      ALL human suffering, however described — evil, error, sinfulness, lack, limitation, negative condition, bad karma, curse, etc., — comes from the “sense of separation from God” that is held in the human state of consciousness.
      Graohic image of Adam and Eve.

      Adam and Eve

      It is the “original sin” of Christian theology into which all human beings after the mythic Adam and Eve are born.

      This is what it means to be born into the human condition: To have no conscious awareness at all of an individual’s oneness with the God who is man’s ultimate good and intrinsic wholeness. Instead, the human being is born into the world with a sense of spiritual lack and woundedness — a fractured or divided consciousness, if you will — that makes human consciousness vulnerable to the invasion and onslaught of any inappropriate or undesirable influence.

      In terms of the human being’s physiology, this makes the body vulnerable to disease, illness, and injuries, conditions that betray such a fundamental human vulnerability and the inability to maintain the integrity of the physical body. The same is true where the human psyche is concerned: It is vulnerable to the mental or psychic energies that, if unchecked, can create extreme confusion, disorder, aberration, distortion, perversion, depravity, etc., all of which are states showing that the mind’s mental, emotional, moral, psychic, and/or functional integrity has been violated and its well-being has started a downhill roll to the abyss of darkness.

      The human personality of the affected individual can degrade to the extent of a complete suppression and helplessness of the ego, as the veneer of a “dark personality” forms and expresses itself to then take over the life and bodily embodiment of the individual — the classic manifestation of what is perceived as “demonic possession.”

      Think of your Facebook avatar or emoticon. Mugsy Emoticon | FacebookIt can be expressive of many feelings or messages. It expresses one’s emotive feeling in a set of circumstances. A demonic emoticon is one of them. 🙂

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