A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

The Long Trek to the Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

Photographs can be more descriptive and evocative of events than words can be, like the photograph of three-year old Aylan Al-Kurdi whose body was washed ashore on a beach after his family’s fatal attempt to cross the sea from Turkey to Greece as Syrian refugees. The little boy and his slightly older brother, Ghalip, and their mother, Rehan, drowned when their flimsy dinghy capsized in the predawn darkness of early morning. Only his father survived.
Picture of Aylan Al-Kudi's Lifeless Body Washed Ashore on the Beach in Turkey

Aylan Al-Kudi’s Lifeless Body Washed Ashore on a Beach in Turkey

Here is another similarly iconic photograph of Syrian refugees silhouetted against the fading light of sunset, as they follow a rail line after crossing the border into Hungary from Serbia, hoping to reach Austria’s open corridor to western Europe. It looks like a still frame from some epic movie in the making.

Picture of Refugees from the Middle East Trekking over Serbia and Hungary to Enter Western Europe

Refugees from the Middle East Trekking over Serbia and Hungary to Enter Western Europe

Human life is pretty much like the epic saga of these refugees to find and reach a better place to live — one where they (and we) can feel secure and be comforted, where we can actualize our hopes (not merely cling to them in despair) and thrive in the promise of a brighter future — one where “milk and honey” flow to no end.

For the refugees, the goal might be western Europe. But is there such a place for humanity in this world of shattered lives and dreams?

Yes, there is — in that Presence that goes with you, is always with you, and never leaves you nor forsakes you no matter what the circumstances may be.

“My presence will go with you . . .”

Go find it where it is — WITHIN YOU.

Come join us in oneness as we continue the journey to wholeness in a land flowing with milk and honey.

About Marc of Contemplative Pathways

Marc teaches contemplative meditation in the context of "contemporary mysticism" under the style of "Contemplative Pathways." His spiritual work is backed by a profound understanding of mystical teachings and the mystical life, that is rooted in fifty (50) years of personal study, practice and spiritual unfoldment (inner realization and spiritual experience).  In the course of his spiritual journey, he has received the gifts of mystical discernment and spiritual transmission. Marc has been conducting classes and meetings on contemporary mysticism and meditation at the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years, usually in a classroom, lecture, seminar, workshop, online meeting, or group practice setting. He has facilitated study groups and workshops for centering/contemplative meditation practice meetings since the 1980s. Marc's teaching work meaningfully shifts consciousness in students through the process of spiritual transmission and mystical transformation.  He enables others to embark on the spiritual journey by understanding the Truth teaching and by living its principles in their daily lives. His methodology of instruction is divinely inspired and firmly rooted in pure, authentic mysticism.  Marc's approach to the subject of contemporary mysticism is essentially nondenominational, nonsectarian, culturally interfaith, transreligious, definitively unitive, and unequivocally nondualistic. Within the context of the great shift in consciousness presently occurring all over the planet, Marc’s work focuses on individual and collective spiritual instruction and transformation. He promotes the practice of contemplation or meditation as the vehicle for spiritual transcendence and ascension to the higher dimensions of mystical consciousness. His other contributions to worldwide spiritual awakening and the global contemplative movement include spiritual mentoring, spiritual direction, and spiritual healing work. Marc is firmly committed to the vision of a global spiritual awakening and the divine promise of humanity’s mystical illumination. His brand of mysticism is the only true contemporary mysticism born of 21st century illumination and spirituality.  
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