The Heart of All Healing

Humanly, it is difficult, if not impossible, to understand and realize that we are living the life of the infinite God. We look at our respective human lives, and we do not see a continuity of infinite good. What we see in our past is an alternating series of fluctuating good and bad (or evil) human experiences. We then fear more of the same in the future, perhaps even worse in a seemingly never-ending string of evil situations. The human life experience is certainly far from the infinite good of a perfect God.

But we know the nature of the human condition to be one of duality, not nondualistic oneness. It is the illusoriness of “this world” that we are witnessing and believing to be our personal experience of life. So, we take time to place our life experience “on hold” in a spiritually liberating process called MEDITATION. Here is the process in its simplest contemplative form.

We sit silently in the stillness of the present moment, immersed in the conscious awareness of God-presence as the only reality and presence there is. We lose ourselves to this awareness, as we let it fill us with the feeling of the deep abiding peace existing within us.

Basking in the healing comfort of that peace, we let go of whatever memories we have had of our past or the visions we may hold of the future. We stay anchored in the awareness of the One Presence of Infinite Good without beginning or end. We welcome into the present moment and embrace the awareness that this One Presence has been our past always, pervades the present exclusively, and will continue infinitely into the future beyond any measurement of time or space.

In that special moment when you can see all past, present and future only as the One Presence of Infinite God/Good, you will come to realize that the life you have and live . . . truly IS God-Life.




About Marc of Contemplative Pathways

Marc teaches contemplative meditation in the context of contemporary mysticism. His understanding of the mystical life is rooted in close to 40 years of study, practice, unfoldment, realization and experience, in the course of which he has received the gifts of spiritual discernment and transmission. His teaching work meaningfully shifts consciousness in a student through the process and alchemy of mystical transformation.   Marc facilitates the mystical teachings under the style of Contemplative Pathways. He enables others to embark on the spiritual journey by learning and understanding the Truth teaching and by living its principles. He has been conducting classes and meditation meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years in a classroom, lecture, workshop, online meeting, or group practice setting.   His methodology of instruction is divinely inspired and firmly rooted in pure authentic mysticism. His approach to the mystical life is essentially nondenominational, nonsectarian, culturally interfaith, spiritually transreligious, and definitively unitive and nondualistic. His other contributions to worldwide spiritual awakening and the global contemplative movement include spiritual mentoring and spiritual healing practice.   Within the context of the great shift in consciousness now occurring all over the planet, Marc’s work presently focuses on individual and collective spiritual transformation and healing. He promotes the practice of contemplation or meditation as the vehicle for transcendence and ascension to the higher dimensions of mystical consciousness.   Marc is firmly committed to the vision of a global spiritual awakening and the divine promise of humanity’s mystical illumination.  
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