In Another Universe So Near Yet Far, Far Away

Theoretical physicists and cosmologists think that there could be multiverses, even parallel universes. Various versions of ourselves might be populating those other universes, living out their life versions utterly differently from our own lives here and from the other versions of what those parallel lives may be.

In one of those parallel universes, there is a Donald J. Trump who deservingly becomes the President of the United States in the year 2016 despite the unwanted electoral interference and complicity of Russia and its autocratic ruler Vladimir Putin.

Picture of GOOD Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump
of The Parallel Universe

(Let’s assume that in that particular parallel universe, the Putin there happens to be an exact clone copy of the one we have in our universe, just for the sake of simplifying things.)

In this parallel universe, this Trump is an intelligent, decent, noble, truthful, and God-fearing gentleman. He is a spiritual man, also, having worked diligently at dismantling his egoic false self system instead of inflating his human ego to the dimensions of a huge hot air balloon. He is a spiritually awakened man. He has attained the stature of a wise community elder at his senior age, who is widely appreciated in many social circles and who is highly respected and loved anywhere he goes.

Upon learning of the Russian interference, the President Trump in this parallel universe gets to the bottom of things and gives Putin and Russia his/its just rewards. More importantly, he sees to it that such foreign interference in the American electoral process can never and will never happen again in their future.

That is just the beginning of his Presidency. Almost immediately after his inauguration, this President Trump moved the Congress to provide for the first time ever, universal comprehensive health care benefits covering all the citizens of his country. Its citizens, whether living at the time or yet to be born as future generations, are beginning to reap the blessings of improved health, both physical and mental.

This Trump from the parallel universe is an upright man who transforms the country and galvanizes its people toward nation-building in a manner that has never been experienced in their political past, in just a matter of several months. He is a visionary, a transcendental leader who rises above race, religion, gender, etc., those things in the human condition that divide people and prevent a nation from coming together to realize its inherent spiritual oneness and from fulfilling itself as a highly successful, prosperous community in the world.

Things like racism, police brutality, political abuses at the state and federal government levels, criminality, social violence in various forms, drug addiction, etc., quickly become a thing of the nation’s past. This President rules by personal example, by compassion and by his own firm adherence to time-honored principles of law, order and public good. He inspires and causes public servants at the state and federal levels to serve unerringly with professionalism and dedication to the advancement of the public good and welfare. He awakens thousands and thousands upon thousands of sheeple, and he teaches them to be free independent thinkers and to value their uniqueness and individuality.

This Trump is an altruistic man who believes in building up individuals and promoting self-fulfillment in their lives. He does not cut them down. He does not trample on them because of their weaknesses, disadvantages, shortcomings or misfortunes in life. He gives others welcome opportunities for continued growth and development, not rejections in the form of diminishments or dismissives such as “You’re fired!”   His capacity to give and to do good is boundless because he is really rich in his heart not only in his wallet.

He rights the wrongs of the historical past regardless of who the offender(s) may be. For the first time, American history is not a mere token compilation of Kool-Aid stories and events dictated and hashed out by political elites or the ruling class. At long last, history becomes the repository of truth and justice (not lies and more lies) in addition to the many narratives of struggles that people had to endure and undergo before they could accomplish authentic freedom and equality in order to become truly “one nation under God.”

He teaches the peoples of the Earth how to live in peace with one another and in perfect harmony and synchronization with Mother Nature. He paves the way for the human race to open and prepare itself for a new dimension of existence — one that interacts in dignity with extraterrestrial intelligent life forms. He has pledged to make his tenure of office a major breakthrough not only for Americans but for all the peoples of the world. He knows that America is not safe and well unless the rest of the world is safe and well, too.

Picture of BAD Donald J. Trump of Our Universe

Donald J. Trump
of Our Universe

He makes the country, not himself, a true world leader and a blazing beacon of freedom, liberty, equality and justice for all the world to see. He accomplishes this not by the application or threat of military or police power, but by the raw naked power of pure Goodness in the world and in the hearts of people. He has mastered the art of awakening goodness in others and in rallying that good to make the difference in every situation and circumstance. Deals become unnecessary where negotiations are made out of a widening firm consensus of what is the better good for the greatest number of people.

All that . . . while being in office for only less than a year.

WHERE IS THAT PARALLEL UNIVERSE? We need that President Trump to be here in our own universe, now.

Acknowledgement to Insomnia Team for posting the video above at YouTube.

(Note: This blog is based on an earlier post published in Facebook.)

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