The Gospel of John (the Movie)

The movie The Gospel of John is a beautiful film depicting the ministry and teachings of Yeshua or Jesus of Nazareth based on the Gospel According to St. John. Released in 2003, it is probably the best movie ever produced of its genre about the life and teachings of Yeshua/Jesus the Christ.

The movie is a faithful portrayal of the Gospel According to St. John.  It is a three-hour epic film (there is a shorter abridged version) that follows John’s Gospel faithfully and precisely, without additions to the story coming from other Gospel accounts, nor the omission of intricate or controversial passages arising from the Gospel’s gnostic flavor. It has been adapted for the screen on a word-for-word basis from the American Bible Society’s Good News Bible translation. Of the four canonical gospels in the New Testament, John’s Gospel is best known for its mystical content, where you find the series of I am…” declarations made by the Christ.

I like this film’s portrayal of Yeshua very much.  You see him smile and laugh; you see him furious and angry. You will see the beauty of his soul, the irresistible appeal of his manhood, and the affable love that outlines his face.  This is the Yeshua who was the rabbi-mystic of the Gospel books. This is the Yeshua I have come to know, honor, and love as my spiritual teacher.

When you watch the movie, note the excellent portrayals and the nuanced scenes depicting Yeshua recruiting his apostles, Yeshua and his mother at the Cana wedding (probably his own wedding), Nicodemus’ late night private tutorial session with him, the astounding encounter between him and the gutsy Samaritan woman at the well (an outstanding Gospel paradigm for the contemplation process), Yeshua’s nurturing home life with his full-blood brothers, the miracles and healings he performed, his affinity to the Bethany sisters Martha and Mary and their brother Lazarus, and his highly misunderstood relationship with Mary the Magdalene whose characterization undergoes a transformation from her introduction in the movie as a bright orange dressed party-lover to her later subdued personality as a spiritual devotee in dark colored clothing.

Note that this is the only “Jesus movie” wherein the same Mary (the Magdalene) sits with the twelve male apostles at the last supper as the only female in their company and is subsequently shown as the only female in Yeshua’s entourage at the Gethsemani garden. It shows how accepted and integral Mary was in the inner circle of Yeshua’s students and disciples, a matter made expressly evident in some of the Gnostic gospels.

Now, immerse yourself in the engaging, delightful experience of this exceptional movie.

[Acknowledgment to 2028 END for posting the video on YouTube.]

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