Easy Does It

Many aspirants to higher spirituality are deceived by the erroneous teaching that you have to sweat out your enlightenment with every drop of your being and to labor intensively, exhaustively and unendingly through the spiritual journey.  Spiritual teachers who promote and advocate that kind of message are false teachers (and there are many popular and bankable ones in the market place of spiritual teachings).

Picture of a Wolf among Sheep

Danger: A Wily Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing among the Gullible Sheep

They will go to any length to stress how difficult and onerous the task is for you, ranging from the fear tactic that the responsibility for such a monumental undertaking rests exclusively or primarily on your shoulders, to the bizarre assertion that it takes hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of lifetime incarnations to work out your enlightenment through the thick quagmire of your karma. That is a lot of BS — a whole damned lot of it. Such teachings are borne out of spiritual ignorance and are usually meant (unintentionally most of the time) to dissuade you from accomplishing the divine purpose for which you came into existence, to dampen your enthusiasm so that you are always dependent on them and beholden to them for your spiritual development, or simply for them to find their self-commiseration in your hardship (Their thinking goes this way: If it wasn’t easy for them, why should it be easy for you and why should they make it easy for you?). Charlatans!

The truth is: The spiritual journey is one of “easy does it” because the journey is entirely underwritten by the grace of God.  Whatever would be needed by us individually for us to embark on the journey to enlightenment and to complete that journey, is provided fully and totally by God. That includes the invitation, the enticement, the inducement, and the opportunity to do so, at every aspect and stage of the journey.  It is not true that only the first instance of a mystical experience happens by grace: The entire undertaking is a graced experience. Were it not for the reason that our journey moves through the perceived time and space of our human nature, we might even see the infinite thoroughness with which God has made provisions for our success even before time, itself, began.

Sllide of Tolle's Erroneous Teaching

An Example of a Popular Teaching in the Marketplace That’s Riddled with Error Tragically

Let’s get this matter straight in our minds: God desires and wants to complete our divinization through the process of our becoming “fully human in God” (not in our personal humanhood) as the God-Man, the Son of God, the Christ of God.  Now, not only does God want it, but God wills it so.   The fullness of God’s incarnation in us as us, individually and collectively, depends crucially on it.  Therefore, God has provided every necessary thing for us to succeed in this most glorious of cosmic undertakings.

      The journey of spiritual awakening and its completion is underwritten and provided fully and totally by God, from the invitation to the journey through every aspect and stage of the journey up to its very end. BUT we have to RSVP — respond to and accept God’s invitation
      on an ongoing basis.

For these reasons, God’s infinite and perfect grace underwrites our journey to spiritual completeness and wholeness.  Ultimately its accomplishment and total success is absolutely guaranteed by God.  (How much better of an investment guarantee can you get with that!)  All we have to do is to be “open and receptive” to God, to the Truth, to the mystery of God which God is.  We do this by consenting to God’s divine presence in us as us.  And waiting in the silence of the meditative state of mind is the penultimate expression of “soul receptivity” by which we permit and allow: (a) God’s journey of becoming human in and through us, and (b) the revelation and experience of the mystery of the incarnation, to entirely unfold from within us.

Of course, there is a seeming measure of spiritual work that is involved and that we have to do, but it consists largely of consenting to the journey, cooperating with the outward flow of God’s grace from within us, and wholeheartedly embracing the final result — not impeding, obstructing or hindering the transformational work that is constantly graced by the Spirit of God and taking place in our soul. This is how we hurdle the initial obstacles of our free will and the human condition’s tendency for attachment to a material sense of truth and reality.  Above all, we have to develop and cultivate the “listening ear” of the soul to the subtle whisperings of the Spirit within, teaching, reminding, guiding and directing us in our journey of awakening.

Learning sllide on "Receptivity" according to Joel S. Goldsmith (from Man Was Not Born to Cry)

“Receptivity” according to Joel S. Goldsmith (from Man Was Not Born to Cry)

It is not much different say from flying on an Air France jet plane from New York to Paris. All you do is purchase the plane ticket and make your flight reservation.  On the day of your flight, you board the plane.  Air France takes care of operating the jet plane and taking you to your place of destination in Paris, France.  True, the trans-Atlantic flight may takes hours, so you try to relax, have a drink or two on board, take Ambien (which won’t make you racist, LOL) and sleep through the flight, or get entertained by watching a movie, solving crossword puzzles, playing a video game, or such other distraction.  Air France will conduct its air transportation business in as best a manner that is expected of it, while you, as its flight passenger, sit patiently and cooperate with the airline crew throughout the flight of your Air France trip to Paris.

Remember: EASY DOES IT. Don’t sweat out your spiritual attainment as if it were your sole individual human responsibility and accomplishment. COOPERATE with God’s unfolding. FLOW with the movement of divine grace in and through you.  But never for one moment think and believe that the responsibility over the business of soul illumination is yours alone to own, manage, administer, or perform.  We are all simply going for a ride on the park amusement ride that human living is.  Ultimately it is a single-destination voyage of spiritual awakening in God-Consciousness from which there will be no returning.

God does not want you or me to be superficially “good” in the human sense of the word. God wants you and me to be the God that God already is, in you and me as You and as Me. In that regard, I recall what Joel Goldsmith taught: We cannot change God, or move God an inch, or make God budge even a tiny a bit in any way, manner or form. God’s infinity and perfection is complete and unchanging. That infinity, perfection, completeness, and unchangingness of God already IS, and has always been, the case for our spiritual nature. We just need to open our spiritual eyes to its truth — to experience and realize it to be true for us.

Be still, and in the stillness know . . . that “I” am God.

I’ll see you within, friend.

Note: This post is a spin-off based on a blog originally published in the Facebook page titled A Contemplative Life.  Read related other posts in our site that you will find interesting as well.

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4 Responses to Easy Does It

  1. I just reblogged this in mysticexperiences.net with a caveat you might want to see. We’ve already had a ‘Like’ to your essay. I hope our reblog introduces more subscribers to your work. I’m delighted to have found you and am about to subscribe myself …

    All blessings.

    Keith Hancock
    Mystic experiences.net

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    • Thank you, Keith, for visiting our site and for reblogging the piece of spiritual writing published on this page.

      I have read the caveat you noted down at your website, and I have no problems with it, to wit:

      My only caveat is the constant use of the word ‘God’. My experiences taught me there’s no such thing if this is a reference to the god of human religions.

      My use of the term “God” is a only a matter of familiar linguistic convenience and grammatical facilitation, to enable the communication of my message to others (readers in this case). In no way does my use of the word refer to the typical “god” (or “God”) of any human religion. You are right in that regard.

      The truly ineffable is beyond the label and definition of words or word constructs. It is, also, beyond mental conceptualization and comprehension by the intellectual functionality of the human mind. One can readily substitute the word “God” in the article with, say, your preferred use of “Ultimate Reality” or “Reality” with a capital R. I would not have any problem with that.

      Permitting me to make light of the matter, let me say that from a mystic’s perspective, I suppose it might boil down to adopting and using a favored “pet name” for the utterly transcendent Reality. Joel Goldsmith had his: the “Infinite Invisible.” Mystics, philosophers and theologians from various cultures and traditions down through the ages have resorted to fanciful expressions such as the Absolute, the First Cause, the Prime Mover, Spirit, Brahman, Purusha, the Self, the unutterable Nameless One or “Yahweh” in the Hebraic tradition for which the Jews had to concoct the name “Adonai” just so that they could have a representative name to legitimately pronounce (seems crazy and ridiculous but there was a reason behind the seeming madness), the Tao, Nirvana, Allah, and so on and so forth; and, of course, the much ballyhooed yet still in vogue everyman’s term in the English-speaking world — God.

      It would seem that not even scientists can be spared from the tendency of customarily providing some reverential, awe-inspiring nomenclature for a phenomenon beyond the immediate purview of scientific reasoning and observation. Thus, we have terms such as the “Big Bang” (why not the Big Fart?), the “Zero Point Field,” the “Singularity,” the Higgs boson “God-Particle,” Consciousness, etc., all denoting “something that’s there but not quite out there.”

      Aware of this very human foible, I exercised enough prudence to raise the potential issue or problematic matter at the very beginning of this site’s substantive discourse on the subject of contemporary mysticism. It sets the tone for the discussion and for the entire site as well.

      By the way, my private “pet name” for God would be “The Truly Ineffable” (TTI). (Its acronym sounds “techy” like IT or AT&T.) It reminds me of the divine paradox which states that “there is this thing that is not a thing at all” — a No-Thing.

      Thanks again for appreciating the post, Keith.



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