From the Head to the Heart

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Spiritual knowledge starts with asking questions.
What is yours?

In response to a recent blog we posted, the following question was raised by Bob as a comment which he posted on 05 June 2018.

“Hello, Marc!
I have a question:
How do I move from understanding and thinking about Oneness to really experiencing It and living in that consciousness daily?

your friend Bob from the Balkan hills”

Hello, Bob.

The long or broad side of your question is really asking: “How does one make a paradigm shift in consciousness from a human state of consciousness to the divine state of consciousness (Christ-Consciousness)?” The answer to that kind of broad question entails the entire learning program we are offering on “contemporary mysticism.” One single blog here will never do justice to its proper and adequate response. In fact, our website dedicates almost a dozen Web pages just to address only the gist of what the answer requires — the entire segment of the site falling under the gateway page titled The Path and its principal pages and subpages.

And quite honestly, the discovery, self-exploration and practical application of the answer will cover years of lessons and learning in mysticism and perhaps many more of lived spiritual practice, as you incrementally move your “gravity center of awareness” to the soul center of Spirit-Being, away from the peripheral influence caused by the human condition. Here is where the continuing presence and nurturing consciousness of a true spiritual teacher can be helpful: (a) to give right guidance and direction constantly so that you minimize the risks of error in navigating the spiritual path, and (b) to channel and impart the grace of darshan or “spiritual transmission” to the student so that the time on the journey, itself, is accelerated and the effort, minimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

Slide for "The Paradigm Shift in Consciousness"

The Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

Having said that, however, let me respond now to the short and narrow of your question. How can you make the truth that you are contemplating in the intellect of your head come alive to dwell inside your heart?

I can tell you this: There is only one way to (in your words) “move from understanding and thinking about Oneness to really experiencing It and living in that consciousness daily.” There is only one spiritually honored, time-tested and historically proven process for bringing the realization of oneness from its initial intellectual recognition in the mind to its living embodiment in the heart, and that is through “contemplative meditation” specifically.

      Meditation is the process that gives Truth a home in the heart after it has been invited to enter the human mind.
      – Marc of Contemplative Pathways –
Slide for "Meditation - The Only Way"

In all mystical teachings, meditation is the only way to attain spiritual enlightenment. (Joel S. Goldsmith)

There is no other way.

From the beginning of the spiritual journey where we cultivate receptivity in the soul . . .

Learning sllide on "Receptivity" according to Joel S. Goldsmith (from Man Was Not Born to Cry)

“Receptivity” according to Joel S. Goldsmith (from Man Was Not Born to Cry)

. . . to the full God-realization of an illumined sage at the completion of the journey . . .

PowerPoint slide for "BEING-ness in God of The Enlightened Sage".

The Enlightened Sage has realized “BEING-ness” in the God-Self.

. . . meditation is the way.

Let me end my response by sharing this often missed, underrated and disregarded, out-in-the-open little secret to jump-starting the experienced oneness of God-Consciousness effectively in your life, through what I call a method of “greasing” or “lubricating” the process.

Image for "Applying lubricant on your soul's process gears helps the process."

Applying lubricant to your soul’s process gears helps the process.

Learn to apply some lube to the engine of your spiritual process to make it run smoother, better and faster, as well as reduce extreme wear and tear on the soul system. Or, learn to hand out and pay some grease money to bribe the angels of heaven to let you enter its gates and sneak you inside to the very throne room of God’s presence. It works here on earth; it works just as well in heaven. Yes, Bob, a “lubricating grease” for spiritual use only.

In Hinduism it is known as bhakti or a “personal devotion to God.” In the Judaeo-Christian tradition, it is described as faithfulness to God or the “love of God.” Biblical mystics left us clues and instructions in scripture passages.

Look at the proud! They trust in themselves, and their lives are crooked. But the righteous will live by their faithfulness to God. (Habakkuk 2:4, NLT)

And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27, ESV)

Jesus said to him, “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37, NKJV)

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. (Deuteronomy 6:5, NASB)

In theoretical physics, it is alluded to as theoretical “wormholes” where the space-time continuum is warped or bent as to allow shortcuts in time and space. And in Christianity’s religion, it has been described metaphorically as the mystery of the Transfiguration. Meditation is more than just a discipline of the mind; moreover, it is a relationship of the heart.

If you can wrap your mind around the conceptual significance and meaning of those things as applied to the practice of mysticism, then you will have the “soul lubricant” for your spiritual process and the experience of God’s oneness.
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About Marc of Contemplative Pathways

Marc teaches contemplative meditation in the context of "contemporary mysticism" under the style of "Contemplative Pathways." His spiritual work is backed by a profound understanding of mystical teachings and the mystical life, that is rooted in fifty (50) years of personal study, practice and spiritual unfoldment (inner realization and spiritual experience).  In the course of his spiritual journey, he has received the gifts of mystical discernment and spiritual transmission. Marc has been conducting classes and meetings on contemporary mysticism and meditation at the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years, usually in a classroom, lecture, seminar, workshop, online meeting, or group practice setting. He has facilitated study groups and workshops for centering/contemplative meditation practice meetings since the 1980s. Marc's teaching work meaningfully shifts consciousness in students through the process of spiritual transmission and mystical transformation.  He enables others to embark on the spiritual journey by understanding the Truth teaching and by living its principles in their daily lives. His methodology of instruction is divinely inspired and firmly rooted in pure, authentic mysticism.  Marc's approach to the subject of contemporary mysticism is essentially nondenominational, nonsectarian, culturally interfaith, transreligious, definitively unitive, and unequivocally nondualistic. Within the context of the great shift in consciousness presently occurring all over the planet, Marc’s work focuses on individual and collective spiritual instruction and transformation. He promotes the practice of contemplation or meditation as the vehicle for spiritual transcendence and ascension to the higher dimensions of mystical consciousness. His other contributions to worldwide spiritual awakening and the global contemplative movement include spiritual mentoring, spiritual direction, and spiritual healing work. Marc is firmly committed to the vision of a global spiritual awakening and the divine promise of humanity’s mystical illumination. His brand of mysticism is the only true contemporary mysticism born of 21st century illumination and spirituality.  
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2 Responses to From the Head to the Heart

  1. Bob Mitic says:

    Thank you, Marc! This is a great answer, specific and mind-blowing.
    In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, there’s a lot of talk about “descending mind into the heart”.
    You described the importance of this very clearly.
    Now, on to some “soul lubrication”

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