Breathing Meditation

I do not and cannot endorse Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his Art of Living organization because of the cultish environment in which they operate and the lack of a pure motive behind his teachings on breathing meditation practice which he calls Sudarshan Kriya.

However, I recommend the video below as a motivation for you or anyone to acquire, develop and practice deep breathing techniques and skills either for relaxation, healing or spiritual advancement purposes.

(Acknowledgement to the Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar channel on YouTube for posting the video above.)

You can get the knowledge skills to start and maintain a breathing relaxation practice for free almost always, through a reliable medical, psychology or local community center that teaches and promotes stress/anxiety relief through deep breathing relaxation. Furthermore, there are numerous self-help and health advisory literature or publications available in commercial bookstores and the book market, as well as over the Internet. Just try running an online search on the subject matter.

Here are related informative videos on breathing meditation. The first is intended to be instructional; the second is more of an application and practice. The videos are excellent productions. Watch them and try the meditation practice. They are beneficial to both a beginner and a regular meditator. The commentary quoted after the videos below is taken from the YouTube channel of the owner-producer.

(Acknowledgement to the AwakenTheWorldFilm channel on YouTube for posting the videos above.)

The Samadhi guided meditation series is a practical way to realize Samadhi in your life. It is only through deep inquiry into the self that one will truly understand what the film Samadhi points towards. Whether you are getting started in meditation, or you are interested in deepening your meditation practice, this series of guided meditations is designed to cultivate the concentration and equanimity needed to realize Samadhi. The parts are not separate meditation techniques, but part of one evolving, continuously deepening practice of observing the breath. Traditionally Samadhi is realized through deep meditation. If you want to realize Samadhi it is necessary to move beyond intellectual understanding to direct experience.

In this series of guided meditations, it is important to have the correct relationship to the instructions in the guided meditation. The meditative technique of focusing on the breath must be understood as simply a way to divert energy from the mind, and to bring consciousness deep into the unconscious aspects of your being. The technique is not something to add to your mind or self structure. Any technique is a “thorn to remove a thorn”, so you must be willing to let it go once it has served its purpose. As you move closer to Samadhi there is less mind, less technique, and less self, until there is a cessation of all activities of the self structure. This cessation of self is Samadhi, and in that stillness the dawning of wisdom or prajna is possible.

You can, also, acquire similar but advanced skills through a legitimate and authentic spiritual center or teaching that provides instruction, workshops and support group meetings on what is often technically referred to as “deep breathing yoga” exercise or practice, or “breath meditation,” or “mindfulness breathing meditation.”  Zen and other Buddhist meditation systems and schools (adherents of Vipassanā in particular) normally engage in this kind of activity; so does Hindu yogic practice that deals with the science and art of pranayama using the breath and natural breathing. Again, there are numerous print literature and Web pages and online sites that can prove to be helpful as starting points or for serious study and guidance. There is one such page in the online site of the Tricycle magazine publication that is very helpful. There are available talks on podcast or webcast that promote mindful or conscious breathing from a neuroscientific point of view.

“If you want to gain mastery over the mind, master the breath!”

Such a deep breathing relaxation or meditative practice, particularly “mindfulness breathing” meditation practice, is a potent method for preparing oneself to engage correctly in the practice of spiritual contemplation or meditation. When these two psycho-spiritual practices on breathing and contemplation are combined and integrated or done in unified tandem with each other, the integrated results are truly short of being spectacular. This has been one of the most amazing discoveries in the course of my spiritual journey. It is the most remarkably profound practice secret I have come across in my explorations on spiritual awakening.

Breathing meditation and contemplation, when coupled and integrated or done in tandem with each other as a spiritual practice, produce truly spectacular results.

For more information and insights on the subject of breathing meditation or breath awareness, explore related blogs we posted previously.

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