Activity Calendar

Here is our calendar of activities for purposes of this site and our school site at Contemplative Pathways.

Full Moon and New Moon days are good for intensive meditation practice. Use the First and Last Quarter lunar phases for doing heavy scriptural study work for contemplative purposes.

All our spiritual activities, whether they consist of studying and learning the Truth teaching or performing the wide spectrum of our spiritual practices, have only one purpose, one goal: The silencing and stilling of the human mind. That state of inner silence and stillness is technically true MEDITATION — a total resting in the presence of God, an immersion in the spiritual realization of Truth.

To fill life’s days with activities that fulfill that goal is the way to “bring heaven down to earth.” So, may the days in our calendars always be filled with the hope and opportunity of bringing Paradise closer and closer to our world.

The universe began with the “big bang” of Cosmic Consciousness in the Divine Mind.

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