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The One that is the All.

Contemplative Pathways
We work in the consciousness of Oneness for your illumination and healing,
pressing the grapes of contemplation in the vineyards of the Spirit
where workers are always welcome.



The Vineyards of the Spirit Where Workers Are Always Welcome

Partner with us in our outreach for a global spiritual awakening.
Your gifts and donations will go a long way.

Give generously, for your gifts will return to you later. (Ecclesiastes 11:1, NLT)

Thank You Smiley.

We provide spiritual wisdom and guidance here at our site and through our teaching ministry.   If you have been blessed by our posts or have benefited from them, please help to further the work of our spiritual ministry by making a donation, using the secure PayPal widget below.  Any amount (in U.S. dollar currency preferably) will be welcome.

We thank you so much, and we bless you. Spirit prospers you infinitely.

The bread you cast on the waters of life will come back to you increased and multiplied. — Joel S. Goldsmith —

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