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Become one of the many who are waking up.

What We Offer
Our following spiritual services and support activities:

    1. A developmental program for learning contemporary mysticism and
      for living the mystical life
    2. Meditation or contemplation practice
    3. Healing practice through the application of our 5-Step program and intensive contemplation practice
    4. Support lectures, talks and discourses on the subjects of contemporary mysticism and corroborating modern science
    5. A vibrant spiritual community and practice support group consisting of mystical fellowship, association and gatherings
    6. Mentoring for individuals or for small groups
    7. Direction or consultation for individuals

We offer you The Mystical Life: Truth, Contemplation and Meditation, Illumination,
Fellowship and Healing.


Our Invitation to You
We invite you to:

  • Experience enlightenment of the mind or soul illumination.
  • Practice meditation in a supportive group environment and setting.
  • Develop and cultivate skills for centering, contemplation and mind treatment to enhance and deepen your individual meditation practice.
  • Learn the foundations of pure mysticism (true spirituality rooted in nondualistic oneness) taught in The Infinite Way, to guide and direct your life journey along the mystical path.
  • Know and understand the unifying thread of the perennial philosophy which weaves through all the major religions of the world — the distillation of their common denominator and point of convergence.
  • Enjoy wholeness of being and experience healing in all areas and aspects of your life.
  • Learn how to problem-solve all of life’s situations from the transcendental perspective of the mystical life and spiritual healing.
  • Rise above the operation of karmic law and nullify karmic cycles and patterns by living and functioning under divine grace.
  • Receive the blessings of darshan (spiritual transmission), the benefits of mystical fellowship and community (satsang), and the gift of the Dharma (the Truth teaching).


If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, we invite you to fellowship with us and to become a participant at our contemplative meditation practice meetings* held in the area (check with our Calendar of Activities).

Location street view photograph of USC-SF.

Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco
(Location street view at the corner of 19th Ave. and Ocean Ave.)

*Love offering basis ($20 minimum suggested amount)



Our Program for Spiritual Learning
Our spiritual learning program focuses on how to live the inner mystical life described by the perennial philosophy (also known as the “Truth teaching” or the “wisdom teaching of the ages”), which forms the core mystical teaching of the world’s major religious and spiritual traditions, including the various mystery schools or esoteric systems of spirituality.

Our purpose or goal is to inspire and initiate the transformational shift in evolving consciousness that brings spiritual enlightenment or Schematic diagram of the spiritual journey and the mystical life.soul illumination, foremost to the individual and ultimately to all humankind.

We recognize and honor the sacred nature of the individual’s life as an unfolding spiritual process, also known as the “spiritual journey.” Hence, our program emphasizes the dynamics of this process.  It fully takes into account the fact that the unique transcendent content of the Truth teaching lies at the heart of the spiritual journey’s process. The content, as well as the process, is determined by the all-encompassing context of consciousness.

The effectiveness of the meditation process depends on the right and true contemplative content you put into the process, knowing fully that both process and content exist and occur in the larger context of your consciousness.  We teach you the process and guide you through it. We help you with your understanding of the content. And we make you aware of the context of your spiritual practice. (For a presentation of our model, click on the diagram image above.)

The pure mysticism we teach and promote is universal and timeless, rooted in authentic nondualist Oneness, contemporary yet classic, transreligion, nondenominational, nonsectarian, cross-cultural, and truly interfaith in cutting across or transcending religious forms, boundaries and traditions (notably Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, the mystery schools, and the esoteric traditions) and in weaving them into an integral whole.

Our program prominently features the teachings of highly respected and reputable modern-era mystics from various spiritual cultures, such Joel S. Goldsmith (The Infinite Way), Abbot Thomas Keating OCSO (Centering Prayer and The Spiritual Journey), Sri Eknath Easwaran (“Eight Point Program” of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation), Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist-Christian or Hindu-Christian (East-West) advocates William Johnston SJ, Willigis Jaeger OSB, and Bede Griffiths OSB, Hindu gurus Sri Ramakrishna (including his disciples) and Ramana Maharshi, and Sufi teacher Idries Shah, to name a small cross-section of them. We vouch for the quality and intergity of their spiritual teachings.

The program also integrates the acclaimed teachings of: classic Christian mystics, Zen Buddhist masters, Dzogchen masters from the Diamond school of Tibetan Buddhism, the Taoist sages who elucidated on the philosophical wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, the Unity School of Christianity founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition, the ancient mystery schools, early Christian gnosticism, the Sufi masters from the Islamic tradition, medieval alchemy and other esoteric knowledge and arts that embody and convey authentic mystical teachings.

Our Methodology
In scope and methodology, our psycho-spiritual learning program is both:

  • metaphysical — delving into the dynamics of the mind-body continuum and the conditioned mind, as well as the nature of metaphysical error and spiritual healing;
  • metapsychological — dealing squarely with the problem of the human condition (i.e., the false self system, the illusory sense of duality and separation from the divine Selfhood) by rising beyond the nature of the human mind into the realm of pure consciousness or the Spirit for the vital, transformative mystical experience, otherwise known as the “mystical union with God” — God-realization, Self-realization, Truth-realization, God-contact, attaining God-consciousness, Christ-consciousness, or Krishna-consciousness, the Buddha-mind, satori, moksha, enlightenment, illumination, etc.

We cite and reference modern-day scientific discoveries and research to supplement and reinforce our methodology for mystical learning and spiritual practice, using recent developments in neuroscience, quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, even as we highlight how mystical teachings are being affirmed or supported by cosmology, astrophysics, biology, genetics, and other fields of science.

Through our program’s proven methodology, we initiate aspiring mystics into the mystical path of life and help acquaint them with its terrain and landscape features, such as:

  • The mystical experience leading to the inner realization of Truth
  • The nature of God and the nature of evil or error
  • The false self system which fuels an illusory sense of separation from God
  • The DE-conditioning of the human mind of harmful and destructive emotional programs that bind us to the human condition.  Other systems address only the symptoms and the re-conditioning of the human mind, not the causative human state of consciousness. They do not eliminate underlying core beliefs and their belief patterns, which produce the experienced negative situation or problem.
  • The demonstration of Truth or God (the realization of oneness) which is experienced through our 5 Steps to Total Healing as spiritual healing
  • Comparable mystical systems and comparative forms of mystical practice
  • Unfolding spiritual consciousness and the current Ascension process toward illumined consciousness, through the transformation of consciousness as the final chapter in the evolution of the human species.


    We promote the Truth teaching and nothing less than the purity of its Truth.

We can’t use God or truth, but by attaining an inner stillness, God, or truth can use us. Photograph of modern-day mystic Joel S. Goldsmith.It can manifest itself through us as healing if we have chosen the healing profession, as inventions if we are inventors, as music if we are composers. God is infinity, and all that is, is an emanation of God. Whether it is to appear as engineering principles, scientific principles, literary works, art works — whatever it may be — it must be an emanation of God, and we the instruments through which and as which it is to function on earth. (Joel S. Goldsmith, from The Foundation of Mysticism, 194-195)


We offer online services, such as group webinars, individual instruction or mentoring, for learning contemporary mysticism and the Truth teaching, and for direction and guidance in living the mystical life.


Other Services (Spiritual Mentoring, Direction & Consultation)
Our spiritual instruction and mentoring program is available as a one-on-one tutorial, in physical attendance or by remote online Web conferencing, for individual spiritual Truth seekers as well as for small study groups of two to three persons. The mentoring is based on the same spiritual learning program content we offer and present at our regular classes.  Contemplative meditation instruction and practice are included as a regular feature of mentoring sessions.

Lessons and discussions focus mainly on living the mystical life, by learning the principles of mysticism (the Truth teaching) and applying those principles to daily life activities in very practical ways.  Our spiritual mentoring program allows:

  • The flexibility of adjusting or tailoring our program to suit specific learning needs or requirements and to accommodate variations in spiritual growth, which are otherwise difficult in a classroom or large group setting;
  • The responsiveness with which to meet the aspiring mystic’s developmental needs for nurturing the spiritual growth that will deepen into the intimacy of mystical union with God.

Mentoring sessions may be held once a week (weekly), once every two weeks (biweekly), or monthly. Session periods may range from two (2) hours minimum to three (3) hours per session, depending on the spiritual needs of the student and the availability of both the student and the teacher.

Spiritual direction or guidance, life coaching, or private consultation services are available for individuals, by appointment.  

Schedule of Fees

Services and Fees

     Service Fee Rate in US$
1.   Webinar Series: 21st Century Mysticism
       and Living the Mystical Life
$500 per participant
2.   Individual Instruction or Spiritual Mentoring
$30 /hour per student
3.   Spiritual Guidance/Direction
$20 /hour
4.   Life Coaching or Private Consultation
$40 /hour

    Experience a pure, unique kind of higher spirituality, a unitive spirituality, with a practice that is simple, easy and lean — shorn of religious beliefs, dogmas or doctrines, and cultural trimmings in the form of rites, rituals and traditions.

    A spirituality rooted in a teaching which captures and embodies true authentic mysticism in a concise and direct manner.

    A spirituality practiced and exercised through a methodology that is scientific yet mystical at the same time, highly transformative in consciousness and totally empowering to the Soul.

    Develop and explore your own spiritual journey on The Mystical Path.


Program Enquiry/Registration and Information Request
To engage our services or for enquiries about classes, services, activities, and other offerings, please write us using the form below.

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