The Lighter Side of Us

We all have a lighter side and a human one at that.  As we grow spiritually, we embrace not only our true Spirit Self but also our human nature. God wants to do precisely that, through us and in us.  That’s the lesson Yehua (Jesus) was trying to illustrate in his parable of The Lost (Prodigal) Son, where the father in the story had two sons: the younger son (representing our human nature) who left the father’s home to seek his fortune in the world, and the older son (representing our spiritual nature) who stayed with the father to continue working for him in their land. So, we rejoice not only because we are the Christ of God but also because our humanity is the visible manifestation and expression of God as God trying to know Itself and to love Itself, in and through us.

Here are some posts I made elsewhere in the past relative to issues arising in the human condition, at other planetary sites in the Internet universe. I had a fun time writing most of them. I am sharing them with you in the hope that you might see the lighter side of us in them.  They also make good conversation pieces with the devil. 🙂   Maybe, just maybe, they might make you smile — or laugh — and then think… and maybe even reflect?

Is the Earth striking back? (CNN article)

  • [Is Earth fighting back?]  It wouldn’t be a fair fight. The earth is a heavy weight.
  • [Is Earth fighting back?]  I just did.  The Earth said: “It’s nothing personal, ya know.”
  • I disagree with you. The article’s writer is NOT an idiot. Look at the many comments and blogs he is getting. He is succeeding in his purpose: to stimulate people’s minds regardless of whether the intellectual stimulation is brilliantly productive, inanely empty, or disastrously rotten. Can’t you see that the author is trying his best to wax philosophically? The piece is not as nonsensical as the trash of most reality-TV shows.
  • Actually, the pesky disease you refer to as humanity is in the process of ASCENDING. And with its ascension will come the renewal of the planet and a glorious Earth. The Earth is not undergoing a healing; it is expediting someone else’s healing — ours. Our human state of consciousness is undergoing a healing, a spiritual one at that. It is in the process of eliminating that pesky disease known as our conditioned human mind and the human ego or the false self system.
  • 20 seconds of a crummy life isn’t worth much at all.
  • While you’re doing that (sitting there and not moving for the rest of your life), try doing some real meditation. That will do you, everybody else, and the planet, a lot of good.
  • To Mikel63: Baby, you’ll love even more what’s waiting to be discovered and realized within you! As You.
  • Let’s not forget [to blame] the gnomes, the elves, the gremlins, the trolls, etc., and, oh, the great God in the sky!
  • To stillMrCanuc: Aye, brother. But not as “wrathful” as the Biblical O.T. God in the sky who, on record, is the biggest all-time genocide perpetrator against mankind. Do you think the Dwarves have done or can do worse than that?
  • Are you folks referring to the Mayans? Let’s not confuse them with the Aztecs. It’s the Mayans whose “long count” calendrics ends with their calendar in 2012 (2011, if you go by Carl Johan Calleman’s recount of days). It marks the completion of the cosmic creation, the ascension of humanity for those ready to take off.
  • To stillMrCanuc: Let’s just say that “my realm” is confined to my present human lifetime. (BTW, I have lived on this planet more than half a century now.) I cannot account for other time eons or eras during which I was not physically present. I am trying to be a responsible commentator, reporting on what is actually within my direct personal experience. I’m not the type who would go around dogmatically preaching a “big bang” that jump started the universe 13-plus billion years ago, when I, myself, don’t even know where the heck I was 13-plus billion years ago.
  • To stillMrCanuc, writing “No he is not, he is a purple prose writer of the worst kind, peddling pseudo scientific bullsh*t. There is no window dressing sh*t, it is still sh*t.”: Even sh*t has value — fertilizer value that goes into the earth produce we eat.  So, lest you forget, you and I eat sh*t, too.
  • To stillMrCanuc and sanseh: Stop it, both of you. WE are all afloat on the vast cosmos in the same boat! Like it or not.
  • These days it is more fashionable to blame China.
  • To feidandelion: Please read the comments very, very carefully. I did not blame any country: “strannger” did. I merely remarked on how China has become the punching bag of blame nowadays. If you did your reading homework well, you wouldn’t be referring to me as “silly.” (Look who’s silly now.)
  • I luv the likes of you Doom and Gloom Soothsayers. Is Cassandra your name, per chance?
  • I already said it: There will be a major shift in the earth’s poles or polar axis, accompanied by unusual movements in the tectonic plates. That’s all part of the earth changes we are experiencing.
  • I already said it: There will be a major shift in the earth’s poles or polar axis, accompanied by unusual movements in the tectonic plates. The earth’s molten core is in a state of agitation and flux. That’s all part of the earth changes we are experiencing. The question to ask is not: “Is the Earth striking back?” Rather, we should ask “Are we prepared for all the earth changes coming our way?
  • To jorg: Well, I’m not as pretty dumb as the many scientists and geologists who doubted the theory of plate tectonics a century or so ago.  (Strange, you remind me of them.)
  • Nope. California earthquakes are caused by Deepak Chopra.  He said so, himself.  The Charlatan!
  • What profound wisdom from a 21st century mind!  Now, if only the rest of our species could rise to the heights of such 21st century wisdom, instead of plunging to the depths of the caricature blips they are in time.
  • To sanseh: I think you meant to say: TODAY you drink and make merry, for TOMORROW YOU DIE. N’est pas?
  • I hope you’re right about what the spirits told you, LouCFer.  It’s time for the great colorful Plumed Serpent to return to the planet.  Time for a new heavens and a new earth!  A toast of ayahuasca to that, to the spirits and to you. 😉

(There will be more, folks. Stay tuned. Don’t click that mouse/trackball, or tap that keypad, or touch that keyboard.)