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Our Site Map (as of February 24, 2014)

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This is our home page and the entry portal to The Mystical Path.

The Mystical Life
This is the main blog page where you can read our published posts including replies or comments to our posts.  A linked title listing of recent posts is located at the right column of the page where the widgets are.  Please remember to read our centerpiece posts on the Mayan calendar end date and the ascension experience now occurring globally (We are going through the completion of the creation process which culminates in spiritual transcendence and our mystical transformation in consciousness.).

To start off a beginner on the study and practice of mysticism, we recommend reading our following posts first:

  1. The Mystical Path of Life: The Self Contemplating Itself
  2. Mystical Transformation and the Human Mind

The core of our mystical teachings and the spiritual learning program we are promoting are found in the following subpages of The Mystical Life:

    • Oneness
      A presentation of the cornerstone mystical principle of oneness and its ramifications, which characterize all authentic mystical systems. The contents of the page provide a solid foundation for living the mystical life.

    • Contemplative Practice
      A presentation of contemplation or meditation as the principal activity of the spiritual journey.  The page and its subpages focus on the subject of contemplation and discuss the contemplation process:

        • Starting with its preparatory stages in relaxation and centering
          (Centering as Practice and as Prayer),
        • Through the basics of practicing contemplative meditation
          (Contemplative Meditation), and finally
        • Culminating with the mystical experience of realized oneness
          (The Realization of Truth).


    • Consciousness, Mind and Awareness
      A presentation and discussion of the essential components of the mystical theology or the metaphysical teaching underlying mysticism and the mystical life.  Please do not miss the documentary The Awakening which is embedded in this page.

About Us
Learn about us, our mission statement, purpose and vision here.  Subpages include an introduction (About Marc) to the Web author, his teaching work, classes, and related services and other activities (Our Services); and feedback and comments from students and site visitors (Feedback).

Food for the Soul
This section of our site provides various sources from which principles of mysticism or the Truth teaching can be drawn. We also provide information on the simplest contemplative technique known as Practicing the Presence of God, a short form of contemplative meditation.  

    • The pages Scripture Sources and Timeless Mystics contain passages and quotations from various scriptural sources and mystical literature, which can be used for contemplation.
    • “Infinite Way” Principles and the subpages under it contain excerpts from several sources for the Infinite Way teachings of Joel Goldsmith.
    • It is “I”! is a page dedicated to the greatest spiritual teachers and mystics, with inspiring images of them that can be used as a centering tool or a visual focus for contemplating the truth they embody.
    • Feel free to enter the privacy and solitude of  The Meditation Room where you can download our visually guided contemplative meditation.

Browse through our samplings of spiritual teachers and their teachings (The Teachers), individuals or groups who help drive humanity’s evolution forward by the development of mystical consciousness (Writers, Thinkers and Friends), various tools for serious study or for spiritual growth, and other resources (Other Learning Resources and Practice Tools) for enabling the mystical life and facilitating the spiritual journey.  We have special pages featuring The Infinite Way of Joel S. Goldsmith (The Infinite Way) and Unity’s prayer/meditation method (Entering “The Silence”).

We also have pages that show how science is validating and complementing the teachings of mysticism (The Science Connection), featuring scientific findings in the fields of neuroscience (Neuroscience Frontiers) and physics (A “Matter” of Illusions).  There is a page devoted to merchandise products and items, including free computer desktop wallpapers, that can enhance or support your spiritual practice (Specialty Suppliers).

Take a NOW Break
You can pause from your journey along the mystical path and simply have some fun and enjoyment in the world — with the wonderful or amusing things of the world.


Our Calendar of Events and Activities

We hope you will make our site, The Mystical Path, your home, too, as we take you along with us on the spiritual journey of a lifetime.