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The spiritual work and activity of an Infinite Way student normally begins with studying the teachings of The Infinite Way and learning its letter of truth as found in the many published books of Joel S. Goldsmith, including recordings of his class lectures.  A student of The Infinite Way must be well-grounded on a correct understanding of the letter of truth to benefit from the teaching’s healing work.

Electronic versions (eBook) of the book titles are now available for electronic readers such as’s Kindle and Barnes and Nobles’ NOOK. Kindly visit and check the publisher’s and the distributors’ sites for availability.

The Infinite Way books are available from the following retail outlets or distributors:

    • Regular commercial bookstore outlets such as Barnes & Noble.
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    • Specialty bookstores or bookshops that cater to spiritual, metaphysical, mystical, New Thought, New Age, or other esoteric interests, such the bookshops of your local metaphysical churches or centers (e.g., the USC-SF bookshop), esoteric learning centers (e.g., the East-West Bookstore in northern California, the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in southern California, etc.), meditation centers, and similar other religious or spiritual establishments. Most of these specialty outlets usually maintain an inventory for only a few Goldsmith titles; you might have to “special order” your books with them.
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Public libraries may carry some titles in their collections, so inquire from your local public library.

There are Web sites, ours included, that make some source materials for learning The Infinite Way available online. You can check them out.



Essential Chapters to Know
  (Available as eBooks from us.)

In the book “The Contemplative Life” (at Chapter 10, page 175; published by Citadel Press), Joel instructs students: “In order to build a consciousness of truth, all Infinite Way students should know the following passages as well as they know their own names.


     Chapter Source Book Title
1.   The New Horizon The Infinite Way
2.   God Is One Living the Infinite Way
3.   Protection The 1955 Infinite Way Letters
4.   Break the Fetters That Bind You The 1958 Infinite Way Letters
5.   Contemplation Develops the Beholder The Contemplative Life
6.   Introduction Practicing the Presence
7.   Love Thy Neighbor Practicing the Presence
8.   The Relationship of Oneness The Art of Spiritual Healing
9.   No And! Realization of Oneness

The book chapters above were pointed out by Joel as essential in studying The Infinite Way teaching.  (The chapter “No And!” was a later addition to the listing.)  Students who are familiar with the teaching will discern that those chapters embody and convey the core of the teaching’s mysticism.

We have produced a very readable, high quality eBook of those recommended chapters, titled Essential Chapters of The Infinite Way Teaching. You can view a sample of the eBook.

The eBook is the perfect reference companion for doing the spiritual healing work under our 5 Steps to Total Healing program.  We recommend it for the serious study of spiritual healing and its continuing lifetime practice. 😉

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Learning Methodology

By studying the Infinite Way writings, the student acquires an understanding of the mystical principles which form the content of his contemplative meditations and which constitute the backbone for living the mystical life.  This kind of study is crucial for kindling the flames of mystical learning in the human mind and for fanning the fires of spiritual understanding in the heart.

We cannot KNOW spiritual truth with our mind, although it can be learned with the mind by reading and study.  But that is not really knowing it.  The knowing takes place when the intellectual perception has gone a step further and has become spiritual vision.  So far as intellectual knowledge is concerned, there is no further place to go in our work.  But in spite of the fact that the message is there and students have the tapes, we are going to have to (study and go) through this work again, and again, and again, until that knowledge which is in the head become knowledge in the heart, or spiritual discernment.

It is absolutely necessary that students live with truth, not only until they know it thoroughly with the mind, but until it has become a part of their very consciousness, until it has become so much a part of them that it is instinctive….
(Joel S. Goldsmith, from I Stand on Holy Ground, Chapter: “A Lesson on Grace”)


Because the learning and studying is processed by and through the intellect aspect of the mind, a student’s understanding of the teachings may initially tend to be intellectual or largely cerebral in the beginning.  As the student contemplates the letter of Truth, taking his understanding of it into the silence of frequent and regular meditation practice, the student eventually experiences ever-deepening levels of spiritual or inner realizations of the Truth.  

The process continues and repeats itself with every aspect and at every level of spiritual truth that unfolds in individual consciousness.  This continuing process of progressive spiritual learning, deepening contemplation and meditation, and transformative inner realization fuels authentic spiritual growth, which takes place throughout the student’s lifetime, and ultimately brings about spiritual illumination or enlightenment.


Basic Activities for Infinite Way Students

Joel instructed Infinite Way students to undertake three basic activities:

  1. To study and learn the letter of Truth as found in the teaching, so that students can arrive at its correct understanding;
  2. To experience the Spirit of Truth by contemplating the letter of Truth in meditative silence (the inner realization of the Truth or what he referred to as God-contact, also referred to as the mystical experience of union with God or oneness in God); and
  3. To come together in association or fellowship with one another or with other similarly-minded Truth students, for mutual support along the spiritual path.
Chart of Infinite Way Student Activities

Infinite Way Student Activities


The subpages that follow are samplings of Joel Goldsmith’s teachings and excerpts from the book titles which carry his name as author.  In them, you will find the Truth principles on which the mysticism of The Infinite Way stands.  Use them to propel yourself on your journey along the mystical path and to assist your spiritual contemplation practice.

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Note: In many instances, emphasis such as bold-facing and italics have been made or provided by us. This is also true of the excerpts posted and found in the subpages.  Book citations are provided whenever available.




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The bread you cast on the waters of life will come back to you increased and multiplied. — Joel S. Goldsmith —

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