The Art of Spiritual Healing

Book by Joel S. Goldsmith

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No one will ever be completely whole until he finds himself at home in God. No one is going to be wholly satisfied even with good economic conditions until he find his inner communion with God….

The harmony of man’s being is achieved only when he finds God, when he arrives at an inner communion with that which is greater than himself.  That is the real healing and the lasting healing.  That is the healing which the world seeks.  And so it is that even were you healed of every physical or mental ill at this moment, even if your economic situation or personal relationships were entirely to your satisfaction, there would still be an unrest within, and a discontent. Regardless of how much happiness you might find in your family, you would retire at night and be alone, because there is a Something within each of us that longs to go home, that longs to live with his Father-Mother.

Spiritual healing is sought by different people for different reasons. Some seek it because of physical illness, or because of mental, moral, or financial problems; others because of an internal unrest that gives them no peace regardless of how much outer satisfaction and success they may have found. But sooner or later the realization dawns that until one establishes conscious contact with the Source of his existence, there will be unhappiness, dissatisfaction, incompleteness, regardless of how much health or wealth is his lot.

Spiritual healing is much more than a purely physical experience or even a mental experience: Healing is finding an inner communion with something greater, far greater, than anything in the world; it is finding ourselves in God, finding ourselves in a spiritual peace, an inner peace, an inner glow, all of which comes to us with the realization of God with us, the presence and power of God felt. Resting in that peace, the body resumes its normal functions, and those functions are carried on by a power not our own. The body, then, begins to show forth perfect, complete health, youth, vitality, and strength, all the gift from the Lord.

Spiritual healing is the touch of the Spirit of God in man’s Soul; and when that touches him, it awakens him to new dimension of life, a spiritual dimension: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” — not that the Spirit the Lord acts as a medicine, not that the Spirit of the Lord acts as an electrical application or as surgery, but, because the Spirit of the Lord lifts the seeker into a new consciousness of life, the state of consciousness which the Master described as “My kingdom” which is not of “this world.” When man attains that state of consciousness, he lives in a dimension of life other than the three-dimensional one, and he has experiences totally unknown on the human level of life. That is the goal which the world is seeking, even though it does not realize quite what that goal is or how to attain it.

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It was only after years of study, experimentation, practice, and more revelation that the answer came as to how spiritual healing is accomplished. This revelation was so different from what was being taught that I found it very hard to teach others and found very few who could understand what I was trying to say. I still have the same difficulty because spiritual healing is so strange, so revolutionary, so different from the ordinary way of thinking that it makes imparting or teaching it a difficult matter.

There is no denying the fact that it is not easy for some people, often exceedingly intelligent people, to grasp the mystery of spiritual healing. . . .

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Each one is a thread in this skein, in this rope — a link in the chain. Each one is a beam in the whole light. No one can ever be more than that. It takes one person here, another there, each contributing his part, to make up the whole. Every time a healing is brought about, whether for yourself or for another, the world benefits. The world is that much closer to receiving the full spiritual light because of each individual healing that takes place.

The secret of healing must inevitably be learned: first, that God is; and second, that the nature of God is good — the nature of God is love, the nature of God is wisdom, and the function of God is not only to create an image after His own likeness, but to maintain and sustain that image, including all mankind, in a divine embrace of harmony, wholeness, completeness, and perfection. That is the truth about God, but that truth does not necessarily mean that you or I will benefit by God’s infinite, creative, maintaining, and sustaining being and nature, because there is yet something for us to do. That something is: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

God’s work is done. God’s work was done in the beginning. Two times two is already four, but the truth of that statement only becomes functional in your experience in proportion to your awareness of that principle. The telegraph, telephone, airplane, radio, and color television were possible millions of years ago. The principles of every ancient and modem invention have always existed. They only awaited a Samuel F. B. Morse, a Thomas A. Edison, a Charles F. Kettering, a Guglielmo Marconi, a Glenn Curtiss and Orville Wright, an Enrico Fermi, or an Albert Einstein to come along and reveal the principles governing these revolutionary ideas.

All the music, all the art, and all the literature exist already — all that has ever been known, all that is known now, and all that will be known, composed, and written for the next million years already exists. All of these have existed from the beginning. It becomes necessary for us to learn how to turn to that spiritual realm within and let God’s creation, that which has always existed, come forth.

God’s work is done, finished and complete, but it is unfolding to our conscious awareness in proportion as we learn the truth and how to bring ourselves into harmony with that truth. The next step is not up to God; it is up to you and to me. (Chapter: “What is Spiritual Healing?” 12-13, 15, 19-20)


Be receptive and responsive to the divine Impulse from within, that Truth may use you to reveal Its glory. The heavens show forth God’s glory; the earth shows forth His glory in multitudinous ways; and you show forth God’s glory; the earth shows forth His glory in multitudinous ways; and you show forth God’s glory. You show forth God’s glory — not your own glory. You do not express God; you do not reflect God. No, God expresses God, and that expression appears as you. God reflects Himself into this universe as you, but you have nothing to do with it. God expresses Himself; God shows forth His own handiwork; God glorifies not you or me: God glorifies Himself. The nearer you approach to that vision, the greater is the glory of God that is being shown forth by you.

Every knee must bend; every head must bow to God. “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” — not in all thy ways tell Him your desires or tell Him how virtuous you are, or how virtuous your family, your community, or nation is. No, tell God nothing. Acknowledge God! How else can you acknowledge God except to realize:

God, Thou are the infinite Intelligence which hast created this entire universe, the Intelligence that knows how to govern it without any help from me. Forgive me, Father, if I have ever told Thee what I need or what my family or nation needs. Father, forgive me every time that I have lifted my eyes in the hope that Thou wouldst serve me. Let me understand that I was created in Thy image and likeness to show forth Thy glory. The heavens declare the glory of God; the earth shows forth His bounty.

Man, the highest creation, should show forth God to the fullest extent. Man, individual you and I, should show forth immortality, eternality, infinity, all good, health, harmony, wholeness, infinite abundance — not yours or mine, but His. His grace should be evident in your eyes. The harmony of His body should be made manifest as the health of your body and mine. The infinite wealth, the infinite abundance of God, should be expressed in your individual purse and household, not by any virtue of yours, not because you are good and deserve it, but because God is love, and the nature of love is that you bear fruit richly. It is God’s great pleasure to give you the kingdom, not to have you sweat for it, labor for it, earn it, or even deserve it. Your good should come to you, not by the sweat of your brow, but by a divine grace operating in you — a grace which you prevent by trying to make God your servant instead of making of yourself a servant of God. (Chapter: “Is God a Servant?” 26-27)


When we speak of sin and disease as unreal, we do not mean that they are nonexistent. We are not just fooling ourselves and using our imagination in saying that they are unreal or untrue, but if a person has had ingrained in him from infancy that the material is the real and the material body the whole, then to him the disease is existent.  When sin, disease and death are called unreal, it is not a denial of the so-called existence of these things: It is a denial of their existence as a part of God or reality.  Do you see the difference between these two statements?

In the realm of the real, the kingdom of God, the discords of sense have no existence. That, however does not change the fact that we suffer from them.  The unreality of it does not lessen our pain or remove our lack or limitation because, to our sense of things, we are suffering from them.

The beginning of wisdom is the realization that these conditions need not exist. Freedom from them comes not from seeking relief from God, but through seeking God and rising to that dimension of life in which only God is. There is not freedom from discord; there is not freedom from sin, false appetites, or desires; there is not freedom from poverty: There is only freedom — freedom in God, freedom in Spirit.

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. . . Actually, healing is not difficult, regardless of the name or nature of the disease, if disease and sin become unreal in your consciousness. Strangely enough, one type of disease can become unreal in a person’s consciousness, and he still might continue to have difficulty seeing the unreality of another form of disease.

One of my early experiences in spiritual healing illustrates this point. At that time, I was asked for help in a case of tuberculosis in which the patient, a young woman, was . . . expected to pass within the next few days . . .

From the beginning, it required constant alertness: It took thirteen weeks of continuous work, hours and hours a day, before the doctors reported any significant improvement, and it was thirteen months before she left the sanatorium completely restored in health. . . .

The work that I did with her in that long period of time remained so indelibly impressed on me that every case of tuberculosis that has come to me in the years that have followed has been healed with the exception of one. The point I am trying to bring out through this experience is that healings take place, not through the intervention of some God, but through arriving at a state of consciousness in which sin, disease, and death have no reality, a conscious¬ness which no longer battles these forms of discord and no longer tries to get rid of them. Our attitude toward them is the same as our attitude toward the water on the desert after we have discovered that it is not water, but an illusion, or mirage.

As long as disease is a reality to you, as long as you believe that fevers must run their course, or that they must be brought down, or that tumors must be reduced, or as long as you believe that the disease must follow some kind of a physical pattern, you are not in spiritual healing even though to some extent the Spirit may have been brought into the picture.

Complete total spiritual healing is the nonrecognition of the reality of the condition; it is a state of your consciousness or mine, or the practitioner’s consciousness, in which God is so real and the works of God — the word of God, the universe of God, and the man of God — are so real that it is fantastic to believe that such a thing as disease of any kind could exist in God’s universe.

The successful healing ministry is based, first of all, on the reality of God and the reality of God’s creation whether appearing as man, body, or universe; and, in the second place, on the realization of the unreal nature of what is presenting itself to us as a sick or sinning person, as disease or as undesirable habits.

Let us understand the correct meaning of the terms “real” and “unreal” — their meaning in a spiritual sense. In other words, realize that whatever you behold through the physical senses is but a mirage which can be likened to the water on the desert. When you are able to do this, you will immediately translate illness into health. In fact, when you begin to discern spiritually, you will see something in everything around you — in flowers, clouds, stars, sunsets, sunrises — something greater than the human mind can grasp. Behind every externalized form, there is always more than the human mind or eye can comprehend. When you see with spiritual vision, you behold the man God made in His image and likeness, and it is this ability to discern reality which brings out healing.   (Chapter: “The Language of Spiritual Healing” 51, 54-55)


Begin to understand that the nature of your being is God, the nature of your Soul is God, the nature of your mind is God, and the nature of your body is the temple of God. Your very body is the temple of the living God: Stop condemning it; stop hating it; stop fearing it. Your mind is an instrument through which God, Truth, can flow: Do not condemn your mind and do not call it a bad mind or a mortal mind or a material mind. There are no such minds; there is only one mind and that mind is an instrument of God. When you stop condemning your mind, you will find that your mind is a clear transparency for the Soul.

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When a person comes to you for help, do not sit in judgment on him; do not criticize him; do not blame him; do not look around for his sins of omission or commission because even if he has any they are only effects. They are not cause. Behind every fault and failure, there is a cause, but the cause is never personal: The cause is a universal hypnotism.

This explains how people become sick or sinful, how they develop false appetites and desires, why they are weak enough to get drunk or foolish enough to be reckless in their driving. It is not that they themselves want to be that way. This universal hypnotism strikes people unbeknownst to themselves, acting upon them so that when the world says it is raining outside, thousands of people catch cold.

A spiritual healer is a person who understands that he is not dealing with colds, with cancer, consumption, or polio. He is not dealing with prenatal influences; he is not dealing with change of life or old age: He is dealing with a misapprehension of reality — hypnotism, mesmerism, suggestion. These are not entities or identities. Hypnotism is something that causes a mental image, but that mental image is always without substance, law, or cause, and the moment the hypnotism is destroyed, the image is also destroyed.

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The carnal mind is not the opposite of a divine mind, and you are not looking for a divine mind to do something to a carnal mind. The minute you have made the carnal mind a nothingness, the “arm of flesh,” you no longer have two powers and you can do just what it says in Scripture, rest in His word. You can rest in this Word, waiting for the Spirit of the Lord God to be upon you; and when it comes, it breaks the hypnotism.   (Chapter: “What Did Hinder You?” 64-67)


Usually the second half of the treatment is much shorter than the first half, and even though it is the more important part, it is one which many metaphysicians disregard entirely. They think that the treatment they have given is the healing agency, and that is the reason so many treatments are not successful.

Once again, I must repeat, you do not give the treatment that heals: You are but the vehicle through which it comes. Your treatment is merely to prepare your consciousness for the receptivity of the real treatment, the word of God which comes to you from God within.  Into the state of receptivity which has been developed through knowing the truth, the word of God pours itself forth: God gives the treatment which does the actual healing work.

The ultimate of treatment is reached when no words, no statements of truth, no affirmations, and no denials are used. That is the ultimate state, but not only cannot everyone attain that state, but no one I have ever known has been able to maintain it continuously.  Therefore, from time to time, there is a reverting to a form of treatment that has in it some words and some thoughts.  However, it must be understood that no treatment is complete until some measure of inner assurance has been achieved.  It does not make too much difference what form of treatment you use to raise yourself up to that point where you receive that inner release which assures you that the treatment is complete, but it does make a difference that you do not consider the treatment complete until you have had this feeling of peace within yourself.

Treatment clears your thought of superstitions, ignorance, and false theories and makes of it a transparency for “My thoughts.”  You will never be a healer: You may be a practitioner, but you will never be a healer.  The sense of peace that comes to you — the peace that passes understanding — is the healer.  When you attain that, healing takes place.  It is the awareness of God that does the healing. (Chapter: “Developing a Healing Consciousness” 80-81)


By the grace of God, God’s consciousness is realized as individual consciousness. “But how,” you may ask, “how do I attain this consciousness?  How do I achieve it?  How do I bridge the gap from being a businessman or a housewife to becoming an instrument for spiritual healing?”

At every step of your unfoldment, it is well to remember that no spiritual progress can be made without the grace of God, and that, of yourself, you cannot succeed regardless of how determined you might be, regardless of how much zeal or how much faith you might have.  You must realize that you did not bring yourself to this study, but that Something impelled you, and the Something that impelled you is within you.  Always the impulse comes from within.   (Chapter: “Practical Instructions to Workers” 83)


Do not be too startled when I say to you that there is only one body: There is not a material body and a spiritual body. There is only one. Here, as in every aspect of life, the principle of oneness applies.

True, we entertain a material concept of body, and it is that concept of body which gets all twisted up and involve us in all manner of ills, but the body has no power to cause trouble; the body has no power to be good or bad, sick or well: It is our concept which appears as a sick or well body.

When your concept is a material sense of body, you open yourself to all the sins and diseases to which the body may be subject. The moment, however, that you drop that concept and realize that there are not two or three or four kinds of bodies, but that there is only one body, and that body is the temple of the living God, God-governed, God-maintained, and subject only to the laws of God, you bring this very body under God’s grace. If you believe that your body is material, you are limiting yourself; but if you feel, “Well, as I see it, I certainly have a material sense of it,” I can understand that and agree with you because everybody to some degree entertains a material send of body.

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When you can arrive at an understanding that even you though you are entertaining a material sense of body you are not a material body, gradually the material sense of body will dissolve in the realization that there is no power in effect, no power in the body, no power in the organs and functions of the body, no power in germs, no power in food. “All power is given unto me.”   (Chapter: “What About This Body?” 105-106)


Suppose that you find yourself in a situation where you are faced with a roomful of people with whom you must work in some capacity or other – talk to them, instruct them, or serve them. As you look at them, they present a variety of appearances – good people, bad, sick, well, rich, and poor. How can you establish a sense of oneness with all these people? To feel a sense of union with any other person means, first of all, that you must make your contact with the Spirit within and find your own completeness; you must make your contact with the Father within, whereupon you automatically become one with every other individual within range of your consciousness.

This is your opportunity to apply the principles of The Infinite Way. Look over or through every person in the room to God:

God is the animating principle of every individual; God is the mind of every person here, the intelligence expressing as person. God is the only love, and God being infinite, God is all love; therefore, God is the love of individual being, and being filled with the love which is God, no individual can be used as an instrument for hate, envy, jealousy, or malice.

Realization such as that will lift you above personalities into the realm of pure being.

You may be confronted with evidences of misunderstanding, but what difference does it make what the appearance is? Right where that appearance is foisting itself upon your mind, God is. You are dealing only with God, not with beliefs, persons, or conditions.   (Chapter: “The Relationship of Oneness” 125)


Now we have done with words and thoughts and have entered that place of communion with God. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” When? When we are still; when we have obeyed the First Commandment, recognizing only one power and acknowledging God as the central theme of our being; when we have loosed all erroneous concepts, as but “the arm of flesh,” nothingness; then we stand in that consciousness of oneness and let the light within us shine.

The weapons of human belief — human concepts and human thoughts — have no power against that person who has consciously realized his oneness with God and his oneness with everything on every level of life. There need be no words and no thoughts; there must only be the inner feel of that union which may express itself as words.

All that God is, I am. Thou seest me; thou seest the Father shining right through me, for I and the Father are one: I in Him, and He in me; I in you, and you in me; and all one in Christ Jesus — in spiritual being, in spiritual sonship and identity. There is nothing in this world antagonistic to me, and I am antagonistic to nothing in this world because my oneness with the Father constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being.

(Chapter: “If I Be Lifted Up” 183)




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