The “Collected Essays”

From the book “Collected Essays of Joel S. Goldsmith.

The Infinite Way is really a revelation which says that you do not have to speak to God, but that you must have periods of the day or the night when you listen to God; and even though you may not hear a voice, remember that just by opening your ear to God and being silent for a minute or two you have permitted God to rush into that vacuum which you have created.

It operates like this: Close your eyes; put your feet on the floor; listen way down inside of yourself; and then remember that this day which lies ahead of you is now God-governed, God-protected, God-maintained, and God-sustained because you have consciously opened your consciousness to the presence and the government of God. Remember that, if you do not do this every morning, you go out in the world just as a human being, subject to all the trials and tribulations of the human world, and without divine guidance.

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In this way, Sam, you will learn the greatest lesson that I have ever learned, and that is that the place whereon I stand is holy ground. God is right here where I am, and God is available the very minute that I stop talking and stop thinking and turn within in humility, acknowledging God’s grace, God’s power, God’s Spirit within me, and then relax for just a minute or two and let the Spirit take over. That really is all there is to the whole Infinite Way. (Chapter: “A Lesson to Sam” 205, 208)


As long as we are living in a material sense of world, we will think of supply as purely material, which always consists of something external to us to be acquired: money, a home, automobiles. But in the real world of Spirit, supply is not external to us, nor is it ever to be acquired, attained, or sought after, because in the spiritual realm supply is what I am: I am the bread; I am the meat, I am the water.


When you stop being frightened by the appearance of sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation, it does not frighten you. You know now that it does not exist out there. It exists in human belief, and if you want to nullify it you had better not accept it.


If freedom has any meaning at all, its most vital meaning must be the freedom to seek, to question, and to discover that which is beyond the horizon of accepted knowledge until we arrive at the goal we are seeking, a goal which is life harmonious, life abundant, life eternal.

As human beings we live entirely under the law.  We are governed by physical and mental laws, but the greatest law of all, and the one that has really wreaked havoc in the life of mankind, is the law of as-ye-sow-so-shall-ye-reap, that which has been called drama or karmic law. Actually karmic law is the same as the laws of as-ye-sow-so-shall-ye-reap: as we do to another so will it be done unto us.

All the spiritual courage a person can muster is required to withstand the antagonism the world has for truth and toward those who hold fast to truth.  It does not lie within anyone’s capacity as a human being to obey a spiritual call, except in proportion as the grace of God is laid upon him because only then can he have that greater light which is necessary.

It’s an opening of myself. To speak to God, to think that God needs thoughts, is to think there must be a communication to God to enlighten It. Don’t try to enlighten God. Understand God Is Light, that’s all, then open yourself this way.

As spiritual wisdom begins to reveal itself to us, it very quickly becomes apparent that this truth which has been revealed to us of our identity and of our access to Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence must be a universal truth because it is impossible to personalize Infinity or Eternality.

When we see structural or physical man, we are really seeing material sense. But there is no such thing as structural man.  Man is that selfhood that is completely invisible to the eyesight.  No one has ever seen man with his eyes. The moment we think in terms of sinful, diseased, or deformed man, we are merely permitting material sense to govern our thought and obscure our vision.

If there is discord or inharmony, you yourself must realize that the mesmerism of sense cannot use you as a target or victim.  True, the error of sense is not personal; it is not you who are the sinner or wrong thinking — yet it is you who are accepting some suggestion, which in turn is manifested as sin or fear of disease.

You do not have the ability to express God.  God alone expresses God.  God is doing the expressing, not you.  God is living His life through you if you will stop taking thought for your life.  God is doing the thinking: you are not thinking God’s thoughts.  God is thinking God’s thoughts through you if you are receptive.  This is the truth of being.

We are not taking thought to make any good come to us; we are not giving ourselves a treatment to make something happen to us, but we are realizing the truth, knowing the truth of our own identity, of our oneness with the Infinite, with our infinite capacities.


Every call for help always involves a person or persons — a condition of the body, a condition of business, or a condition of the mind. Nevertheless, whatever the nature of the problem, the treatment is a realization of the problem as but the carnal mind, and the treatment always remains on the level of God.

If, for example, a call for help should come in connection with marital difficulties, you would remember that, as a practitioner, you have no advice to offer, and therefore, you have nothing to do with the human aspects of the case because the human picture has no relationship whatsoever to the divine. Never come down to the level of trying to patch up quarrels; never come down to the level of trying to hold couples together or of trying to bring about a separation.

Spiritual work is not a patching up of the human scene: It is an understanding that what is appearing to us as a problem is a suggestion of a selfhood apart from God, having no more substance than the water on the desert. With this awareness then comes the realization of God as the only Being, complete and whole. That realization would bring an assurance and with it would come a sense of peace.

However, if I did not immediately sense that all was well, I would sit back for a moment, meditate, find my inner peace, realize my oneness with God — and this is treatment.

At the moment of realization, your treatment is complete.  This may be the very moment when your patient is healed.  However, the healing is not always immediately apparent. There are many reasons for a delayed response.  One thing, though, to be borne in mind is that the healing of a specific disease — physical, mental or whatever — is not the aim of spiritual healing.

The demonstration is the realization of God.

Unless you go to God for but one purpose — for God and God alone — you are acknowledging two powers, good and evil, and you are expecting God, the big good Power to do something to the nasty little evil power. Rest will never come, nor will peace, as long as you are waiting for a great big God to do something to an error. Peace will come only when you can sit quietly in the realization:

Thank You, Father, all I expect of Your word is that it will burst the bubble, pierce the veil, because harmony already is. I would not be here waiting to hear Your voice if I believed there were inharmony and discord.




From I Stand on Holy Ground

We cannot KNOW spiritual truth with our mind, although it can be learned with the mind by reading and study.  But that is not really knowing it. The knowing takes place when the intellectual perception has gone a step further and has become spiritual vision.  So far as intellectual knowledge is concerned, there is no further place to go in our work.  But in spite of the fact that the message is there and students have the tapes, we are going to have to through this work again, and again, and again, until that knowledge which is in the head become knowledge in the heart, or spiritual discernment.

It is absolutely necessary that students live with truth, not only until they know it thoroughly with the mind, but until it has become a part of their very consciousness, until it has becomes so much a part of them that it is instinctive.  Then when they are faced with any phase of discord and inharmony, they will be able to say, “Do not repress it.  Do not hold it back, not even that cough.  Let it come.  It isn’t a power.  It is not going to disturb or harm you, unless you sit there trying to hold it back believing that it is evil.  It isn’t evil.  So let it come.”  (I Stand on Holy Ground, Chapter: “A Lesson on Grace”)



From Our Spiritual Resources

If you abide in the conscious realization of omnipresence and stop trying to get God to do something for you, you will come into the benefit of the God-presence and the God-power which is never separate or apart from you.   (Our Spiritual Resources)

One second of God-realization will dispel any sin, any disease, or any fear that has ever existed on the face of the earth — but it must be God-realization and not just talk about God or preaching about God. God-experience must come to you, and that experience is what dispels the sins, diseases, and illusions of the world.   (Our Spiritual Resources)

Nothing has power but God, unless you make it so.   (Our Spiritual Resources)



During the day, whether doing housework, driving a car, selling or buying, we must consciously remember that we are the law unto our universe, and that means that we are a law of love unto all with whom we come in contact.  We should consciously remember that all who come within range of our thought and activity must be blessed by the contact, because we are a law of love; we are the light of the world.

Since God is infinite, God has an infinite way of making Itself manifest or realized within us.  God knows how to pray, we don’t, but because we may get a realization in one form tomorrow be careful that you don’t try to pattern it, to make a mold of it.  Then you’ll be trying to imprison God in a mold.  Let God appear to you today as God will, and an hour from now in a different way.