Living By Grace

Book by Joel S. Goldsmith  
(This title is published by HarperCollins Publishers and Acropolis Books.

Cover of "Living By Grace"If the world can point to you and say how generous you are or how holy you are because you carry around a Bible or have not missed church in twenty years, that inflates the self. That gives glory to you and in that degree cheats you of a God-experience. When you can deflate your human selfhood by not putting it on parade or setting it up in public or getting a reputation for this or that, when you are not seeking praise for your charitableness or your mercifulness or benevolence, then you permit the I that I am to perform Its work, and the Presence and Power of God in the invisible appears visibly and tangibly in this world.

The same principle applies to a metaphysical or spiritual treatment or prayer. Any treatment or prayer that is a silent realization or recognition of God appears visibly as the health of somebody else.

If you can grasp that principle, you will understand why success can come only when there is no desire for success. When you have caught a glimpse of the Truth or, by the Grace of God, have been given a little healing or teaching gift and are willing to share it without any thought of saving anybody or saving yourself or supplying anybody or yourself, then out of that sharing comes such activity as you have seen in The Infinite Way. If you can grasp this principle of sharing, you will understand why success can come only when an individual has no desire for success, no desire to save the world or to heal the world or teach the world. That is the secret that will ensure success in any activity in which you may be engaged, and the success will come because of the activity of Truth in your consciousness. You will not have to advertise, and you will not have to tell anyone that you are following a spiritual path or that you believe in God. You will never have to open your lips of your own accord, because the principle absolutely sets aside any sense of self that might interfere with your demonstration of the activity of God in your consciousness.   (Chapter: “The Secret of Success” 11-12)


In our teaching, we are feeding to the students all of these Words of God that have been revealed to us so that they can take them into their minds and bury them deep in their consciousness until they too rise above the level of the mind to where they can live without taking thought and be receptive to the still, small Voice. Never believe that The Infinite Way is teaching you to mentalize! Mentalizing is necessary only when you are learning Truth, when you are feeding your consciousness with the letter of Truth. We want no student to live by affirmations or denials, because that is not living by the Grace of God.

The Infinite Way message has been leading you to the stage where you live without words or thoughts. Keep working hard and long with the principles of The Infinite Way until the principles are embodied in you and your soul begins to feed you with the hidden manna. But do not make an eight-hour day of it. Take time out to work in your garden or read a good book or even read a good novel. You must learn to stop, sometimes for a day or two, and say, “Let me not trust my mind, let me relax in God.” Invite the Soul! Relax in the Soul, without words or thoughts. God is not in the whirlwind. God is not in your problems. God is not in your thinking. God is not in your books. God is in the still, small Voice. In order to hear that Voice and receive Its impartations and Its Grace, we must live quietly and peacefully in the within.

Living by Grace


The moment I try to think a thought, even of Truth of The Infinite Way, I am trying to make thought a power; I am trying to make a statement of Truth a power. No statement or thought of Truth is God-power. Only God is God-power. So if you want God, be still and LET God function. Otherwise, you are letting your ego in. What is worse, you are making graven images. Whether you build a wooden image and make it God-power or whether you put together a sentence and call it God-power or whether you take a thought and make it God-power, there is no difference. They are all graven images made by man. The only thing that is not made by man is what functions through man in the silence. That, man has nothing to do with.

Any thought of God that is in your mind is a thought you created, and it is a graven image. Any word of God that is in your mind is a word you created. It is therefore a graven image. You must be absent from thought. Then whatever God is, and however It functions, takes place out there, and it is a miracle to human sense. But it is not a miracle that I performed, because this power is not mine. It is God’s, and the more I refrain from thought and become a receptivity, the greater the Presence and Power comes through.

So, when I am asked for help, no matter what I am doing, all thought immediately stops, and whatever comes through is the Presence and Power of God, which does the work.

Living by Grace





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