Living the Illumined Life

Source: “Living the Illumined Life” by Joel S. Goldsmith

To carry a blessing, to heal the sick, to comfort those who mourn, it is necessary to know your identity. As a human being, you cannot heal the sick; as a human being, you cannot comfort the mourner; as a human being, you cannot supply the poverty-stricken. But if the spirit of God dwells in you, you never have to say a word about spiritual truth or God; your very presence is a benediction. In fact, the less you say the better.

The person who does not know his identity or who does not know the identity of everyone else cannot be expected to live unselfishly. It is only when you awaken to the fact that God has incarnated Himself as individual man that you will be sure that in addition to sending your child to college, you will help someone else’s child to go to college, or in addition to helping your fellow Americans, you will also help your fellow Chinese, Cubans, Hungarians, Indians, whoever it maybe.

Living the Illumined Life


In the parable of the sower, the Master points out the three states of consciousness. One is the barren state in which it is of no use to plant seeds. We could pour truth into that state of consciousness from now until doomsday, and it would have no more effect than planting seeds or vegetables or flowers in barren soil. Then there is the rocky soil in which the seeds take root for a little while, but the soil is not deep enough and pure enough for the plants to flourish. They bear a little fruit, but then they die. Finally there is the fertile soil. Translated into terms of states of consciousness, the fertile soil is our own consciousness when it has been purified of its barrenness and rockiness.

Our individual consciousness is the soil. It is into that consciousness that we are pouring truth, whether by reading, hearing, or studying it. But what is the state of that consciousness? To what degree is it stony? To what degree is it fertile?

We begin with the acknowledgment that in the beginning we are barren, barren of truth and, as human beings, we are certainly barren of love. The only kind of love we know is a personal, selfish love, a nationalistic kind of love, mother love, and child love. But as our consciousness becomes purified, we begin to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing so much for my own child and ignoring the needs of the children across the tracks? Why am I doing so much for my own Red, White and Blue and ignoring the Green, White, and Yellow?” It is only as we become unselfed that consciousness gives evidence of a greater measure of spiritual preparation.

There is in the message of the Infinite Way a simple approach that has for its purpose the transmuting and purifying of our state of consciousness, and if we are humble enough to acknowledge that as human beings we need to work with these principles and to practice them, it will then prove beneficial to us.

Living the Illumined Life


There are three principles that are essential to the purification of consciousness. One is the principle of one Power. A human being is constituted of the belief in two powers: faith in two powers and fear of two powers. If we were not living in the fear of two powers, who would care who has the bomb? Who would care if it is the flu season or the polio season? The principle of one Power is the Master’s teaching. This is why he could say to the man with the withered hand. “Stretch forth thine hand.” This is why he was able to heal the blind man: there is only one Power; there is no power holding anyone down. Open your eyes: there is no power keeping them closed.

One Power was the tremendous import of his message. It was not USING one Power. Even at the grave of Lazarus, he did not pray to God but rather said, “Father, I thank thee that thou has heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.”

We do not have to pray. What is there to pray about? There is only one life. All that is needed is the recognition that this is the life of God, and the life of God is immortal and eternal. It cannot die, so “Lazarus, come forth.” He did not have to pray about that. There is only one Life, and it is Spirit; it is immortal; it is eternal..
The healing agency is the degree of our recognition of that truth. We do not have to pray to heal the mentally ill, we have to know the truth that there is only one mind. God is the mind of man. There is nothing to pray about. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” What truth? The truth that God is the only power, that God is the only mind of man.


A second principle Is impersonalization.
This is one of the most important principles in the enriching of our consciousness. It is amazing what happens once we being to perceive that God really constitutes our being, that we are one in spiritual sonship. It does not mean that we hide our heads in the ground and believe that everybody in the world is manifesting his spiritual identity. No. If everyone were, we would not need religious teachings of any nature.

In our consciousness, it must be clear that the nature of evil is absolutely impersonal, that it has its source in the universal believe in two powers. The very moment we are able to separate it from a person in that way, our own consciousness has been purified as Peter’s was when he could no longer see evil in the Gentiles or in the animals. His consciousness was a transparency then for spiritual anointing.

It is just as important, on the other hand, to impersonalize good. Many of the world’s troubles have come through personalizing good, from personalizing good in Jesus alone to personalizing good in our flag, our country, our church, our religions, our household, or our family. Many of the evils of the world are bound up in the belief that we have a monopoly of good.


A person does not improve; he does not become more spiritual.  He either sleeps on in mortality or awakens to his Christhood.  There is no progress: there is either being asleep or being awake. Sometimes one person is sleeping more lightly than others, and some are dead in sleep, but it is still a sleep until the moment of awakening and then sleep is over and the awakening has come.

Call no man your father upon the earth.”  For thirty years this has been one of my great realizations in the healing work.  I have been stuck and stuck hard with many cases, and usually the thing that saved me was when I could realize, “‘Call no man on earth your father,’ then whoever is turning to me for help must be immortal.”  Knowing that set me free from my fears and doubts, and then the patient responded.  “Call no man your father upon the earth.”  God is your Father; therefore, you are the son, and fortunately, God had all his children before they invented illegitimate ones, so God has no illegitimate children.

“Call no man your father upon the earth.”  See the miracle when you realize the spiritual nature of the creative Principle.  See how you can drop these nonsensical beliefs of heredity.  The belief of heredity binds many, not because it has power, but because the world accepts the universal belief about it and in order to do that, it has to accept the belief that man is a creator.  If you acknowledge, “Call no man your father upon the earth,” then the only inheritance you have is a divine one, a spiritual inheritance, a perfect one.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  You have now been instructed in this truth; it has been imparted to you.  Will you pick it up and live? (Chapter: “Call No Man Your Father Upon the Earth” 176-177)


Spiritual illumination reveals that men and women as such are not good or evil, but rather that they are the instruments, channels, or transparencies through which love, truth, justice, mercy, and benevolence are to flow. They are never the instruments for evil, for evil is an impersonal nonentity: it is not of God, and that ends it. Only those who continue to accept this belief of personal good and personal evil continue either to benefit from it or suffer from it. In the moment that you realize, “Do not call me good. Please recognize that the spirit of God is flowing through me,” you lift your eyes above your head, and say, “Thank You, Father, for unfolding and revealing truth.”  (Chapter: “Spiritual Illumination” 212)


Each one must determine the message that is right for him and who his teacher is. Do not think for a moment that everyone is going to derive the same measure of benefit from any and every teaching or teacher. There are some persons who respond naturally to the mystical teaching of the Infinite Way. That then becomes their path, and once they determine that this is their way, it is up to them to give it the utmost devotion that they have.

Each one must have his teaching and his teacher, something to which he responds. Until he finds it, he must continue to search. When he finds it, something within him says, “This is my way.” After that, he abandons all others and gives himself wholeheartedly to the one. As he continues to do this, he discovers that something from the beginning has been building up in him to the point where the Saul of Tarsus in him dies, and the St. Paul is born.

Living the Illumined Life


Once we learn to impersonalize, we realize that the only good there is, is God and wherever It finds an outlet, there It is in expression, and where It does not find an outlet, there It is not.

We impersonalize evil so that we understand that evil is not Christian, Jewish or Moslem. We impersonal evil so that we know that evil is not our neighbor down the street or somebody else. We recognize that we are dealing only with the carnal mind, and the carnal mind can appear as white or black, Jew or Gentile. Once we have impersonalized it and separated it from a person and recognized it as the carnal mind, we can then take the third step of nothingizing it by realizing that God did not create the carnal mind: it has no entity or identity, no substance, no law, no cause, no efffect.

Living the Illumined Life






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3 Responses to Living the Illumined Life

  1. David G says:

    This is So much like UNITY teaching. Is it not What Unity is all about.
    However, I Have found many In Unity living in false pretense and One must carefully navigate around such individual’s or suffer their false identity.
    What may THEE tell me ?


    • Hello, David. Thank you for dropping by the site and leaving a comment.

      You are correct in saying that the Infinite Way teaching is much like Unity’s teaching, especially with respect to the writings of the Fillmores, the founders of Unity. In fact, Unity’s teaching has been referred to as “mystical Christianity.” Joel Goldsmith, himself, spoke highly then of Unity for its mystical teaching.

      Unfortunately, in the years that followed the demise of the founders and their intimate circle of associates, many among the succeeding followers of the Unity movement began to introduce elements of “New Age” beliefs and teachings; such that, the pristine mysticism of the Unity founder’s teaching became diluted, mixed or impure over time.

      This is particularly true of Unity churches during the later half of the 20th century, that were established elsewhere in the country. Because the Unity churches are not centrally governed or organized in a rigid pyramidal structure like the Roman Catholic Church or the Christian Science churches are, the proliferation of spurious metaphysical or pseudo-mystical teachings contaminated Unity.

      I tend to agree with your critical observation about the present state of affairs within the movement or membership of Unity, under the circumstances I have presented and described here. Your call for discernment is grounded in fact and well-taken.

      Thank you, again, David. And do keep us company here at The Mystical Path regularly. 😉

      The peace and grace of the Almighty One be upon you always.


  2. David G says:

    David G
    Email comments about my UNITY posting …


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