The Mystical I

Book by Joel S. Goldsmith

When you know the secret of  I,  you abide in stillness and let  I  do Its work: not you — I, that I that is in the midst of you.  You need no thoughts, since you cannot and need not enlighten God.  The very fact that you have reached out to an illumined consciousness is the connecting link between you and God. Then all that illumined consciousness has to do is to abide in God, and God meets your need.

The part your consciousness plays when it has been illumined is that it has awakened; it has had enough of the “unveiling” to know that the I of you and the I of anyone turning to you is God, so that there is no need to transfer thought to him, to transfer power to him, or to use God-power for him.  It is the Father’s good pleasure to give him the kingdom, the good pleasure of the Father, the I in the midst of him.  I in the midst of you is mighty, but the I in the midst of you is in the midst of him because of Omnipresence. Therefore you do not have to project your thought across the miles: you only have to abide in the stillness, and because the I has been unveiled, the truth has been unveiled.

If you know I, why do you have to reach out?  Is there not an I in you?  Do you not say I all the time, and is not I God?  Therefore, abide in stillness.  (Chapter: “Impersonalizing God” 65)


There comes a moment in our lives when we realize that we have lived as human beings cut off from our Source.  We have been the branch separate and apart from the Tree of Life.  When we realize that, we perform an act. This act is described in Scripture as “repent, and turn yourselves.”  It is an act in which we consciously make an about-face and declare:

I have been living separate and apart from God; I have been living the life of a human being, living by bread, water, and air; I have been living by external means.  Now I return to the Father’s house, and I realize consciously that from now on I am fed from the eternal Spring that is within me.  I am fed by the bread of Life, the staff of Life which I am.  I draw from within, from my Father’s storehouse.

Recognize Me

As we abide in this truth, there comes an experience.  It may come with an assurance from within:

I have never left you. I have never been separate or apart from you. I have walked with you every step of the way, awaiting your recognition. Long have I awaited you; long have I awaited your awakening; long have I awaited your return; long have I awaited your recognition. Look within, and find Me, for I am within you. I am the very fabric, the very source of your life.

The headaches you have known, the problems you have suffered — all these have been only because of this sense of separation which has kept your gaze on the outer realm, instead of compelling you to turn it within where I am to be found.  I am to be found within your consciousness, within your awareness.  I am to be found in quietness, in stillness, in confidence.

Be not afraid; be not afraid, it is I.  I, the I that is speaking to you, is the I of that army that is marching against you.  The I that is your abiding place, your dwelling place, is the I of the being of your friends and of your foes.  I dwell in you, and I dwell in them.  As I dwell in you, so do I dwell in them and so do I dwell in all.  In meeting friend and in meeting foe, you are meeting Me.  Recognize Me in the midst of you.  Then recognize Me in the midst of your friends, and recognize Me in the midst of your foes.

Recognize that there is but one divine Selfhood, one Father of all, and you will soon see that the only enemies you ever had consisted of your own belief in a selfhood separate and apart from Me.  Even if you recognize Me as your selfhood, you may still have thought of others as having some selfhood apart from Me.  But I am your selfhood, and I am the selfhood of all those others.

I am your staff of life; I am your wisdom; I am your bread, your meat, your wine, and your water; but I am this to all men. I am this in the midst of your friends and your loved ones, and I am this in the midst of your foes.

Recognize Me in the midst of all, and then you will find that I am in all, and I greet you through all. I greet you through those you thought were your friends, and I greet you through those you thought were your enemies; for you can ever be greeted by any other than I because I am infinite. I am infinite omnipresence; I am omnipotent omnipresence; I am the presence that stands within you, before you, beside you, behind you. I am that presence; therefore be not afraid, it is I. It is I.

I am not in the whirlwind, and therefore recognize that there is no power in a whirlwind. The only power there is, is in I, that I AM THAT I AM which is the life of your being, the life of your friend’s being, the life of your enemy’s being.  I am the life of all being.

(Chapter: “I Speaks” 84-86)



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1 Response to The Mystical I

  1. Anna says:

    marc … this is magnificent … THE MYSTICAL I was the first Infinite Way book I actually purchased … after someone had given me a copy of Practicing the Presence … I remember the incredible magical feeling when i opened up to the first chapter and the words “I STAND AT THE DOOR”
    so struck me … I’ve been struck ever since … your banner is wonderful … It is pure ONENESS … I reaching out to I … the ONE I … no longer fooled by a “sense” of separation … it is so obvious … there’s no escape from Oneness … all heaven is breaking loose … xoxo


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