Realization of Oneness

Book by Joel S. Goldsmith

. . . Only in the degree that we can disassociate God from being the cause of evil can we become free of it, because the evil in our experience stems from the belief that God, in some way, is responsible for it.

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. . . To ascribe less than perfection to God is sinful.  It is blasphemy.

Many of the discords from which we suffer have their roots in the universal belief that God visits these evils upon us, either to punish us, to teach us a lesson, or for some other reason.  . . .  It is blasphemous to believe that God operates in such a fashion.  Nevertheless, the universal belief is that God is responsible for our troubles, and you and I are suffering from our ignorant and unconscious acceptance of that belief.  We may not be aware of this, but it is so ingrained in consciousness that we suffer from it.

To begin to set ourselves free from the penalties of universal beliefs, we must release God from all responsibility for the sins, diseases, deaths, droughts, lacks, and limitations of this world.  We must honor our Father which is in heaven. We must love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul in the realization that He is too pure to behold iniquity or to cause it.  He is the very light of the world, and in Him is no darkness at all.

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Once we perceive that oneness is the true relationship of God and man and, at the same time, perceive the pure nature of God in whom there is no propensity for evil, man is also recognized as pure and upright in whom there likewise is no propensity or capacity for evil.  Before we can wipe sin, disease, death, accident, poverty, or injustice off this earth, we must first remove it from God.  Then we shall have a universe showing forth God’s glory, and God’s glory can only be perfection itself.

. . . Just as the glass is greater than the form it takes and can be molded into a tumbler, a sauce-dish, or a pepper shaker, with the glass always retaining the quality, essence, character and nature of whatever form it takes, so is God the nature, essence, activity, and the law unto every form, including man, animal, plant, and mineral.

The nature of man, then, is the nature of God expressed individually, and this man, therefore, must be the image and likeness of God, the showing forth of God.  For man to be holy, God must be holy; for man to love his enemies, God must have no other feeling than love; for man to be forgiving, God must express no condemnation, no judgment, no punishment.

. . . The goodness that is in God is innate in the goodness of His creation.

But if we claim that God is wholly good, that still has no effect on our life as long as we are separate and apart from God.  God may be wholly good, but we do not share in that goodness until we can perceive our oneness with God as heir of God and joint-heir to all the heavenly riches, and accept the promise, “Son . . . all that I have is thine.”  Unless we can see that oneness, it will be like believing that Jesus was wholly good, that he was the son of God, but that we are not. . . .

But we are not something separate and apart from God. “I and my Father are one,” and in that relationship of oneness the perfection of God is our perfection, and God’s freedom from the capacity to sin or to suffer disease, lack or limitation is also our freedom.  Whatever goodness is being made manifest through us is God’s goodness; whatever immortality is the immortality; of God; whatever of love or of justice is the love or the justice of God; whatever of intelligence is God’s.

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In order to free ourselves from the limitations of human sense, we must understand the nature of God.  God is not a power over evil, and we have no power over evil.  To believe that God is a power over evil is to believe that evil has an existence, and then we either must believe God to be the cause and creator of it or we must accept another cause or creator, and the acceptance of any other cause or creator does away with Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence.

We must have only one Creator, and that One without capacity for sin or any evil.  Then we do not need a power over sin, disease, or death because these have no existence in God, and if they do not exist in God, they do not exist.  They can exist only as beliefs in the human consciousness that believes in two powers, even believes that God has within Itself two powers: the power to reward and the power to punish, the power to give and the power to withhold.

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God does not give us purity.  God is our Soul, and the Soul of God being pure, our Soul is pure.  God does not give us wisdom.  God is wisdom, but being infinite, God is our wisdom.  There is no giving, there is no withholding.  There is only Is-ing.”  If there were a God-life and our life, God-life might be immortal and ours mortal; but if God is infinite, God is infinite life, and that means your life and my life.  (Chapter: “Pure Being” 4-10)


As revealed in Scripture, God is in the “still small voice,” and so the only form of true prayer is the inner listening ear. It is for this reason that the most important part of our work in The Infinite Way is meditation, because no one has access to the inner sanctuary of his being, his inner consciousness, except through the listening ear. Meditation is the practice of listening for this still small voice, creating within one’s self practically a vacuum in which the presence of God can announce Itself.

Students complain that this is difficult. It is difficult largely because it has not been practiced for hundreds of years, and they must now learn something that has been out of consciousness for generations. That is not easy. If students are seeking an easy path, they are not going to find it in The Infinite Way because The Infinite Way has no other access to the kingdom of God than through meditation.  (Chapter: “Pure Being” 17)


Across the Desk

. . . My personal life has had many difficult periods since my first spiritual experience in 1929 because that experience lifted me into the fourth-dimensional consciousness, and yet I had to live in two worlds in order to carry on first a healing ministry and then both healing and teaching. Except when done in absolute silence, spiritual healing and teaching are conducted out from the ordinary consciousness, and yet the inspiration is always from above. To live in two worlds has always been difficult for me, but it has been necessary as there must be the metaphysical consciousness on earth before the mystical can be attained.  (Chapter: “Pure Being” 22)


Freedom is the normal and natural state of the son of God.  The person who has realized his spiritual nature and identify and who lives by the Spirit cannot be limited in any way. There is no way to confine spiritual being.  On the other hand, a human being can never escape slavery because slavery is the natural state of the human being.  A human being is destined to be in slavery all his days; he can never know freedom. Therefore, the only hope a human being has is to rise out of his humanhood.

The dignity of the individual demands freedom — freedom from political and religious domination, wage domination, from every form of domination, including the most enslaving of all, the domination of the body. Even those who have achieved a measure of freedom from all other forms of slavery finally must acknowledge that they are slaves of the body. They live within its confines, and the body is a hard taskmaster. The body tells us when it is healthy and when it is sick. It tells us how much walking we can do and how much running. It tells us how many hours a day we can work.

We seem to have no control over the body.  It has control over us; we obey its mandates and are limited by its demands.  This is not natural; this is not normal; and this is not the birthright of man.  This condition has been imposed upon the human race that lies in ignorance of the principles that will make it free.

Freedom, however, does not come by fighting evil.  Freedom comes through enlightenment and that enlightenment comes through opening our consciousness to that which cannot be seen, heard, tasted, touched or smelled, to a Power invisible, a Power that does not war with other powers, but dissolves everything that appears in the nature of an enemy — whether without our being or within.

The enlightenment that sets us free consists first of all in knowing that there is a divine Power, equally present in every individual, regardless of his nationality, race, or religion, regardless of whether he lives in freedom or slavery, whether he is in a prison or out, in a hospital or out.  Within each one of us there is this potential, this spiritual impulse, this Kingdom, this Presence and Power, which the Master revealed would set us free.

“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” — not the sword, not a revolution, not rebellion, and not fighting people, governments, or outside prison-keepers, but quietly and gently realizing that slavery and limitation are within ourselves, the result of our ignorance of true being, and that the remedy, therefore, must also be within us.   (Chapter: “Release Man” 24-26)


Now just as it is possible to hypnotize you into believing that there are snakes in the room, so is it possible to hypnotize you into believing that there is a selfhood other than God in any place where you happen to be.  As soon as you have been hypnotized into believing in a selfhood apart from God, you then logically accept all the beliefs regarding this selfhood: birth, growth, maturity, and ultimately death.  There is only one way to be rid of the human picture, and that is to understand that there is no person and there is no selfhood other than God in the room or in any other place.  But the hypnotized person will at once counter with, “How can you say that there is only God in the room?”  And the answer is simple: there is only one Life, and that Life is God; there is only one Soul, and that Soul is God; there is only one Spirit; there is only one Law; there is only one creative Principle: God.  What then can be present except God?  Nothing!

The moment you see God and, you are hypnotized.  The moment you see a mortal, material world, you are hypnotized; and from then on, there is no possible way to get rid of the appearance.  That is the reason that even if you kill the snake over there in the flowerpot, two more will rise up to take its place. That is why with all the advances made in materia medica everybody still dies because everybody who is born must die.  They do and they will.  At best they may live a few more years, but that is all.  People still die of pneumonia; people still die of tuberculosis; they still die of cancer; they still die of heart failure, and were a cure found for these something else would immediately replace them.  (Chapter: “No And!” 59-60)



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