The Meditation Room

Here is where you experience and encounter the Spirit and Presence of God.  

Click on the iconic image below showing God’s finger touching Adam’s, to run the guided meditation or to download and save it locally to your computer as a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show file (The options available depend on your Internet browser software and its enabled plug-ins.).  If you download, save the file to your computer desktop preferably; then locate the file on your desktop (or where you saved it) and double-click the file icon to run the meditation.

Important:  Make sure the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer application is installed in your computer to enable the file display. You can download the application for free at Microsoft.  Also, see that your computer’s audio speakers are turned “ON”, to hear the background meditation music. The use of headphones or earphones is highly recommended for best results.  

Once the slide show is displayed, follow the instruction appearing on the opening first slide to begin running the meditation; the slide show program will run automatically thereafter.  At the end of the meditation visuals when you see the blissful face of the Buddha, the music will repeat continuously until you close or exit the slide show, so you can prolong your meditation. You may repeat the entire meditation program by right-clicking your mouse and going back to the very first slide. When finished, press the Escape {Esc} key on your keyboard or click your mouse to exit the meditation room.

Just flow with the slide show visuals and the background music.

Touching God Within (A Guided Meditation)
Touching God Within


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