Flights of Fact or Fantasy?

Illustration of Legendary Phoenix 
In this page we have information that is meant to make the intellect mind re-think one’s mindset, to shake up the conditioned human mind into a mood of curiosity and inquiry, and to awaken the intuitive faculties or senses, to permit the light of knowledge and wisdom to shine forth.

Secret Societies & Mystery Schools
  •  Decoding the Ancients: Selling Christianity
  •  The Invisible Science
  •  The Revelation of the Pyramids
  •  Khufu Revealed
  •  The Pyramid Code (complete documentary, single video version)
                Part 1.  The Band of Peace
                Part 2.  High Level Technology
                Part 3.  Sacred Cosmology
                Part 4.  The Empowered Human
                Part 5.  A New Chronology
  •  The Secret Mysteries of the Illuminati
                Part 1. The New Atlantis
                Part 2. The Eye of the Phoenix
  •  The Burning Times
  •  A 6000 Year History of the New World Order: Secret Societies and
      the Matrix of Control (UFOTV, 2013)

Comparative Religions
  •  A History of God (based on Karen Armstrong’s book of the same title)
  •  The Story of God
                Part 1.   Life, the Universe and Everything
                Part 2.   No God but God
                Part 3.   The God of the Gaps
  •  The God Delusion (based on Richard Dawkins’ book of the same title)
  •   Jerusalem, The Making of a Holy City (complete documentary, single video version)
                Episode 1.   Well-Spring of Holiness
                Episode 2.   Invasion, Invasion, Invasion
                Episode 3.   Judgement Day
  •   Greek Mythology: Gods and Goddesses

  •  The Life of The Buddha (BBC/Discovery Channel, 2003)
  •  Decoding the Past: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (The History Channel)
  •  The Oracle: A 400 Year Old Secret
  •  The Yogis of Tibet
  •  The Land of the Disappearing Buddha [Zen Buddhism] (BBC, 1977)
  •  Zen – Principles and Practices
  •  ZEN: The Life of Zen Master Dogen

  •  The Bible Unearthed (abridged version, History Channel, 2009)
                Part 1. The Patriarchs
                Part 2. The Exodus
                Part 3. The Kings
                Part 4. The Book
  •  Israel: The Real History of Israel’s Origins

  •   Jesus, The Real Story (BBC)
                Episode 1.   The Early Years
                Episode 2.   The Mission
                Episode 3.   The Last Days

  •  The First 2000 Years of Christianity
  •  Did Jesus Die? (BBC, 2003) [HD version]
  •  Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus
  •  Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Mysteries of the Cosmos — Solved and Unsolved
  •  The Story of Science (BBC, 2010)
  •  History of the World in Two Hours (History Channel, 2011)
  •  The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes (2013)

  •  The Universe (History Channel)
              •  Cosmic Collisions (2008)
              •  Ride the Comet (2008)
              •  Gravity (2008)
              •  Edge of Space (2008)
              •  Alien Faces (2008)
              •  Dark Matter/Dark Energy (2008)
              •  Microscopic Universe (2008)
              •  Our Place in the Milky Way (2008)
              •  Parallel Universes (2008)

  •  How the Universe Works
              •  The Big Bang (S01E01)
              •  Black Holes (S01E02)
              •  Galaxies (S01E03)
              •  Extreme Stars (S01E04)
              •  Clockwork and Creation (S02E05)

  •  Journey to the Edge of the Universe (National Geographic, 2008, UK Ed.)
  •  Journey to the Edge of the Universe (National Geographic, 2008, US Ed.)
  •  Inside the Milky Way (National Geographic, 2011)
  •  Journey Through the Milky Way (National Geographic, 2011)

  •  The Fabric of the Cosmos (PBS NOVA)
                Part 1. What is Space?
                Part 2. The Illusion of Time
                Part 3. Quantum Leap
                Part 4. Universe or Multiverse?

Paleoanthropology and Human Evolution and Civilization
  •  Naked Science: The Human Family Tree (National Geographic)
  •  The Missing Link (BBC Horizon, 2001)
  •  We Are the Aliens (BBC Horizon, 2006)
  •  The Toilet: An Unspoken History (BBC, 2012)
  •  Planet of the Apemen: Battle for Earth
                Part 1. Homo Erectus
                Part 2. Neanderthal

Natural History
  •  How To Grow A Planet, Life from Light (BBC Scotland, 2012)
  •  The Hidden Life of the Cell (Secret Universe, BBC)
  •  Saved by Dolphins (Natural World, BBC, 2008)
  •  Realm of the Killer Whales (PBS, 2000)
  •  The Whale That Ate Jaws (Nature Untamed, National Geographic)
  •  The Truth Behind The Loch Ness Monster (National Geographic)
  •  Down To The Earth’s Core (National Geographic)
  •  Secrets of Our Living Planet: The Magical Forest (BBC Documentary, 2012)
  •  Supervolcano (BBC/Discovery Channel, 2005)

  •  The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man (Australian Broadcasting
      Corporation and WQED Pittsburgh, 1987)
                Part 1. The Making Of The Garden
                Part 2. The Gods Enslaved
                Part 3. The Wastes of War
                Part 4. Strangers in the Garden


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