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ANNADOTE Tallmarkers, Tallnotes and Wallnotes

Facsimile of "A Wake-up Journey" bookmark by ANNADOTE.ANNADOTE is an online resource and specialty store for wonderful, spiritually enriching bookmarks (see image at right), greeting cards, notecards (see immediate image below), and decorative framed wall hangings (see image of sample below), all of which convey mystical and uplifting messages for inner reflection or contemplation.  

Facsimile of "Jump for Joy" notecard by ANNADOTE.ANNADOTE products are made by Anna, a lovely caring soul whose heart is ablaze with the fire of the Spirit.  

Her art work and creativity are expressions of that fire within her being.  They serve as effective reminders of the Truth teaching.  

They can also be useful triggers or handy aids for “practicing the presence of God” every time they are brought into the purview and reach of your
conscious awareness.  

(To learn about the spiritual practice of “practicing the presence of God,” go to our Food for the Soul page.)

Facsimile of "It's Up to Me!" framed hanging wallnote by ANNADOTE.

“a major turning point in my life came when someone gave me a copy of “practicing the presence” by joel goldsmith.  that was what i had been seeking forever … it was in a language that spoke to my soul.  i am so grateful for the writings of joel goldsmith.  we seek and search until something appears that speaks to us so unmistakeably that it is like our very own self talking to us.

then, as best as we can, we live and move and have our being in and as the consciousness of truth.

what a glorious journey life is … as we are getting acquainted with our true nature and recognizing that nature in everyone we meet.”  
(Anna, in her own words)

Visit Anna’s online specialty store where you can browse and purchase many divinely-inspired “tallmarker, tallnote, or wallnote” items of spiritual light, love, and beauty.  Let the fruitage of her consciousness of Truth be a blessing to you.



Are you serious about maintaining a regular meditation practice?  Do you wish to pour more devotion, color and feeling into your spiritual practice?  Would you like to use time-tested tools and aids for your meditation sittings?

DharmaCrafts is an online specialty store for meditators particularly of the Buddhist persuasion.  They sell wonderful, quality items to help provide a suitable atmosphere for your personal practice and enhance your sitting experience, such as meditation mats, cushions and benches, statues, altar tables, incense, mantra rosaries (mala) or bead strings, bells, gongs, timers, CDs, books, and many other helpful and interesting articles.  They have been in business since 1979.  Check out their site by clicking on the image of their home page below.  
DharmaCrafts Home Page Image


“Truth-full” Wallpapers
by Contemplative Pathways

Here are “Truth-full” wallpapers* you can download for your computer desktop.  They look best on a widescreen monitor.  Aside from the beauty of the picture images, the Truth statements they carry will remind you constantly to contemplate the mystical principles they embody.  

How to Download.   You can download and save the wallpaper locally onto your computer hard drive in either of the following ways:

  1. Right-click your mouse or touchpad on the desired wallpaper’s image below.  Depending on the Internet browser you are using, select “Save link as…” or “Save target as…” from the right-click menu; this will allow you to download the high resolution version (1680×1050 pixels) of the wallpaper.
  2. Left-click the desired wallpaper’s image first to open and display the high resolution version (1680×1050 pixels) of the wallpaper on your monitor screen. Then right-click on the high resolution image, and select “Save image as…” or “Save picture as…” from the right-click menu, depending on the Internet browser you are using.  This will download the wallpaper image and save it on your computer.

 Enjoy your Truth-full wallpaper.

*These desktop background (wallpaper) images contain the intellectual property of Contemplative Pathways
  and other third parties. They are offered for download solely for your own personal use. Any other use,
  including the redistribution of the computer desktop backgrounds, or any other conduct in contravention
  of the applicable Intellectual Property and/or Copyright laws, is prohibited.

The Purple Lotus of Enlightenment
The Purple Lotus of Enlightenment_1680x1050 pixels

Lightning at Spirit Being Mountains
Lightning at Spirit Being Mountains_1680x1050 pixels

The Christ in You
Christ in You_1680x1050 pixels

Simonos Petras Monastery
Simonos Petras Monastery _1680x1050 pixels

The Simple and Fragrant Sampaguita
The Simple and Fragrant Sampaguita 1680x1050 pixels

Sifaka Lemur
Sifaka Lemur (1680x1050 pixels)

Mystic Moon
Mystic Moon_1680x1050 pixels

Mustard Field
Mustard Field at Srinagar, Kashmir_1680x1050 pixels

Swan with Swanlings
Swan with Swanlings_1680x1050 pixels

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4 Responses to Specialty Suppliers

  1. Paula Wilson says:

    Personally knowing Anna, I can say that her creations are the songs of her soul . . .Anna’s Annadote’s bookmarks and cards are delightful and inspiring gifts to give yourself and to give to others! P. Wilson


  2. Anna says:

    I was scrolling through some spiritual sites on the internet and was overjoyed to stumble across “the Mystical Path” … it is magnificent in its purity, clarity and presentation … it is striking and I am struck …

    with much love and gratitude … anna


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  4. Superb post but I was wondering if you could write a
    litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Many thanks!


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