The Science Connection

[Note: This page began originally as a blog post titled “Neuroscience, Handmaid of Mysticism,” published on 04 November 2010.    To emphasize and accentuate how science — neuroscience in particular and its related scientific fields of mind-brain study and research — is rapidly validating the teachings of mysticism, and to further develop the continuing discussion of the subject over time, the original post has been developed into a full-blown Web page, as it now appears, and recast with its present name, The Science Connection.]

Science has made tremendous strides in increasing our knowledge of ourselves, our world and the universe.  In particular, neuroscience (and its related fields of scientific study and research) is making so many marvelous discoveries and advances in the 21st century, that increase our understanding of the human nervous system, the brain and its functions, and the areas of cognitive learning and behavioral modification by means of neural connectivity. In turn, our understanding of the brain helps us learn more about the processes of the mind and, ultimately, about consciousness itself.

But what is truly remarkable is how science appears to be validating the domain and landscapes of mysticism, including the activity of meditation and the nature of mystical experience.  This is specially evident in studies where scientific investigation, speculation and research findings begin to reflect or resonate with the teachings of mysticism.  Almost daily we hear or read about how the gap between science and spirituality (or mysticism) is diminishing and growing ever narrower.  We find this to be true with respect to a diverse spectrum of scientific undertakings and achievements in physics, cosmology, astrophysics, astronomy, genetics, computer science, bio-engineering, medicine, etc.

In the subpages under this segment, we present a number of those significant developments and findings that have finally become accepted fact in the 21st century or are making today’s news reports as scientific or medical breakthroughs, including relevant speculations and current theories which might become tomorrow’s news.  Particularly in the subpages titled Neuroscience Frontiers and A “Matter” of Illusions, you will find a growing list of news articles and research study reports to supplement or complement the contents of this segment on “The Science Connection.”  

Mind and body is a continuum.  The body is nothing more than “mind formed” at the level of matter.  

    And mind (the feminine principle “power” of God) is
    the medium by which consciousness (the masculine principle “spirit” of God) expresses into manifestation, projecting itself onto the screen of the mind as cognizable forms.  All constitute one unit (an indivisible oneness or singularity) in consciousness.  Truly, consciousness is all that there is.

It is ironic, yet understandable, that by refusing to recognize and include consciousness in its understanding of the universe, science fails to account for a viable theory of everything. Still, it is undeniable that as human consciousness continues to evolve, we are witnessing the inevitable marriage between science and mysticism. In the ensuing series of presentations and discussions under “The Science Connection”, we shall see how the two are coming together with a common underlying theme and message — that of oneness. Let us hope that we of the 21st century are the first-generation children of that wondrous union.

Reminder: Bookmark these pages and visit our site regularly, to keep abreast with breakthroughs and the latest developments in science and medicine, and to discuss their relevance to your spiritual practice or their potential impact thereon. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, read our earliest blog on “Mystical Transformation and the Human Mind.”



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