The Path

Here is the mystical path in its simplest and truest iteration. It lies waiting for the spiritual journey of every human individual who is striving to climb out of the dark pit of spiritual ignorance (the human condition), to rise above it and to soar the spiritual skies beyond onto the dazzling heights of soul illumination and enlightenment.

We teach the only true contemporary mysticism of the 21st century.

Keep your journey along the path correspondingly simple and true. If you remember to do so, you will find the path easy to negotiate. Your way is going to be brightly infused with light and grace. And your journey will be swift, rewarding, enlightening, glorious, and a delightful awakening.

The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over;
thus the wise say the path to Salvation (or, to the Self) is hard.
(Katha Upanishad, 3.14)

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
(Yeshua, The Gospel According to Matthew 7:13-14, KJV)

Regardless of
any seeming difficulty,
keep your journey
on the mystical path
simple and true always.

Approaching the Path
Along the mystical path of life, there is only one spiritual principle to learn and understand to the best of our finite human comprehension — the principle of nondual ONENESS. From this Oneness proceeds everything that may be necessary to illumine the mind of an individual person: things such as mystery, paradox, the inner mystical experience of union with God, God-realization or Self-realization, the dawning of a true spiritual rebirth, nothingness, emptiness, enlightenment, transcendence, and so forth ad infinitum, in the manner and to the degree necessary for the individual to attain spiritual liberation (moksha) from the human condition into which we have all been born as human beings. Hence, the first subject in our series of discourses regarding the path — is this Oneness.

Our approach to mysticism and to living the mystical life one encounters along the path is a straightforward, pragmatic one.  It is based on the following paradigm of consciousness.


At the center of the model is an amazing “process” of becoming — the phenomenon we call life.

At times, this process is known by us as mind or soul — the womb of creation, the creative medium of causality. In other settings, it is known as the Yin, the Goddess or the divine feminine principle in the world — the shadow darkness to the light that provides depth to forms and gives a third-dimensional reality to things.

In other instances, the process has been referred to as the Shekhinah of the deity Yahweh by means of which the holy presence and power of God is made visible and real in the world of matter and men.

Then also, the process has been lovingly called the Mother God in whom divine motherhood is celebrated for the wondrous miracle of divine consciousness incarnating in what is called “human awareness.”

It is through the divine Mother that the so-called “Son of God” is born in human awareness in order to become realized fully in man. When realized, we are transfigured into the Christ or Mashiach (the Messiah), the Anointed One of God. We awaken spiritually, and we become the Buddha, the one who awakened. We are transformed in our humanity to the fullness of our divinity.

Embarking on the Spiritual Journey along the Mystical Path
We attain enlightenment through the process of the spiritual journey. That process acts as the vehicle that propels and transports us through the journey. It is the spiritual practice we undergo as much as the spiritual studies we undertake. When correctly situated and driven on the mystical path, we shall come to experience fulfillment, realization, and completeness in God.

The journey aspect of living the mystical life is part of the psycho-spiritual process of the spiritual seeker. The “content” which the seeker brings into the process fuels the process and drives it. Content may be human or spiritual: It can thereby result correspondingly in a humanly or spiritually process-driven life and experienced accordingly as such in our personal/life conditions, situations and circumstances.

Content is determined by the “context” it has, that is, by the state or level of consciousness that will be energizing the process. Thus, the “content” is as good only as its “context” is. And the “process” will produce only after the content’s own kind and by what the context permits, nothing more or less or other than that.

Hence, the content we take with us into the process practice of our meditation or contemplation — what we focus awareness on or engage the mind with — determines the outcomes of our practice. If our content is the very Truth of Being, its context will fill our process (and us, as part of its becoming) with the illumined state of consciousness.

In the final analysis, there is an all-inclusive infinite “contextual framework” in which both process and content exist. This framework’s essence is an absolute singular oneness that is spiritually comprehensible through soul sense while remaining a mystery to the human perception of physical or bodily senses. This being the case, then only mystical oneness will qualify as the true content for a valid spiritual process. Anything else will fall short of the mark for Truth-realization, God-realization, or Self-realization. All else will cause the traveler’s journey to fail, or derail and delay the journey.

Animated GIF presentation for a Paradigm and Model for The Spiritual Journey.

A Paradigm and Model for The Spiritual Journey

Milestones of the Journey along the Path
As you travel along the path on your journey, you will see milestones of spiritual learning, practice, realization and understanding, as illustrated by the organization and structure map below of related subpages.
The Path

In those succeeding pages, you will discover and learn how the mystical path is paved with the Truth teaching. You will come to know where the path inevitably leads to, where it will take you. You will get a sense of its mystical context from which you will draw the right content to fuel your process. Now and then, you will find signposts along the way as we blog the path and the journey for you. (Note: “Signposts” is our website’s blog page.)

We hope you will continue to travel the path with us and to join us in a journey-process of “spiritual awakening.”  Come then, let us take the first major step in the journey along the road least traveled in life.

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