ONE-ness: The Foundation and Cornerstone of Mysticism
At the heart of a pure mysticism is the advaita or nondualist teaching* of    “Oneness.” Oneness is the road which every true mystic traverses as he follows the path to spiritual enlightenment.  The book “The Foundation of Mysticism” shown at the right is a wonderful resource for studying mystical Oneness; it is also a comprehensive presentation of The Infinite Way teachings of Joel S. Goldsmith. (You will learn about The Infinite Way under the main “Resources” page of our website.) We highly recommend the book for ongoing study and reference.

The Absolute Principle is One, however you name It — Truth, God, Yahweh, Allah, Spirit, Consciousness, the Ultimate Cause, the Infinite Invisible, the “Nothingness” from which everything arises, Divine Source, Infinite Intelligence, etc.  There is none else apart from It or other than It in all of existence.  It constitutes the totality of all existence — the One that is the All, in all.

Oneness is both “the content” and “the context” of contemporary mysticism. It is the sole focus of our spiritual learning along the mystical path, and the exclusive subject matter of our mystical understanding in the mystical life.

*As opposed to dualism:   (a) a doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles one of which is good and the other evil, or   (b) a view of human beings as constituted of two irreducible elements (as matter and spirit) [Merriam-Webster]

ONENESS is both the
content and the context of learning and understanding
contemporary mysticism.

Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all
thy might. (Deuteronomy 6:4-5, KJV; emphasis supplied.)


And your God is One God; there is no god except He, The All-Merciful,
The Ever-Merciful.   (Qur’an 2:163, Shakir; emphasis supplied.)


It’s all about

This One is the only thing there truly is.
 As such It is infinite, and It is absolute in Its infinity! The One is also eternally UNmanifest.  It is the ineffable essence, character, quality, nature, law, and activity of every visible or invisible manifest thing or form.  All forms or effects (anything that is objectified by our awareness as a thing in the human mind) are expressions or manifestations of the One.

[Acknowledgment: Thanks to Arsha Bodha Center – Swami Tadatmananda for his YouTube video above.]

. . . Just as the glass is greater than the form it takes and can be molded into a tumbler, a sauce-dish, or a pepper shaker, with the glass always retaining the quality, essence, character and nature of whatever form it takes, so is God the nature, essence, activity, and the law unto every form, including man, animal, plant, and mineral.
(Joel S. Goldsmith, from Realization of Oneness, Chapter: “Pure Being,” p. 7)


The totality of all forms and effects in the universe or in any multiverse reflects the embodiment of all that this One is and can be.  Forms may be visible or invisible to our five bodily senses, that is, forms may or may not be perceptible by our senses.  But all forms are “manifest” and, in this regard, are finite, owing their existence to the One as their common source.

[Acknowledgment: Thanks to Bernard Haisch (haisch), author of The God Theory, for his YouTube video above.]

Oneness is the only spiritual principle you need ever learn and know. In addition to its nondualistic quality, however, there are ramifications to understanding the principle of oneness such as its paradoxical and mysterious essence — nothingness.


“Nothingness,” the Paradox and Mystery of Oneness
There is a strange paradox in the mystical teaching of Oneness: Oneness necessarily connotes nothingness or emptiness. To be the All in all, this Oneness cannot be a thing in the manifest world of forms. It would become separate and apart from all other things. It would not be true to Its nature of oneness. Hence, It has to be no particular thing, a no-thing. Therein lies the paradox.

Oneness is, also, a mystery. Because It is no particular thing at all, there is no way of comprehending It in the mind as an object of human awareness. Humanly, we can never know It through the intellect mind. The physical senses cannot perceive It; so, there is no way we can observe and study It as we can a thing. Yet again, here is another paradox: Though we cannot humanly know It, It can be experienced by us using the intuitive aspect of the mind — our “soul sense.” Since It exists in a state of being no-thing at all, It can only be experienced in the mystery of Its nothingness (no-thing-ness).

Oneness is both

Paradox and mystery are aspects of Oneness which Truth seekers normally have to become familiar with in the course of the spiritual journey. Embracing and understanding those aspects initially may involve a vague and frustrating intellectual effort. However, aspiring mystics will definitely grow into a spiritual sense of the paradox and the mystery of God, at the time and in the manner they arrive at the experience of Oneness, in an inner realization of truth or as the consequence of a transformative mystical experience beyond the comprehension of human reason.  

During my formative years, no one at home, at school or in church made me aware of God’s paradox and mystery.  I was told to simply believe, never question, and have faith in a God somewhere out there.  It took a series of spiritual crises over the years before the spiritual light bulb lit up brightly enough to illumine my mind.

When I started having my share of mystical experiences, I began to grow into the spiritual understanding of the paradox and the mystery. The experiences unlocked the doors to profound spiritual understanding and to my “withinness.”  It’s no wonder Joel Goldsmith insisted and emphasized that students should work hard toward having that initial mystical experience of God. The God-experience hooks you in and draws you deeper and deeper into its divine mystery.

      The mystical experience unlocks the door
      to our
      withinness and the realized profound spiritual understanding of Oneness.

Listen to writer and teacher Alan Watts talk about nothingness in his video below.

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Only One Being, Only One Self, Only One Life
This Oneness is indivisible and so is Its presence.  This means that you, your Self — that divine center of Beingness within which is your true Selfhood (not the ego self of your human nature) — are one with It, in It, as the living expression of It.  You are one with It now, you have always been one with It, and you will always be one with It forever.

[Let us pause to edify the Spirit within us. Listen to the following choral work, Dixit Dominus, a psalm setting by George Frideric Handel (HWV 232). It uses the Latin text of Psalm 110 (Vulgate 109), which begins with the words “Dixit Dominus” (“The Lord Said”). Play the video below and listen to the music for as long as you wish. Then continue reading the rest of the page. You may also resume reading while the music plays softly in the background.]

[Acknowledgment to Maëlle Vivares for publishing the video on YouTube.]

You are not a mere part, portion or percentage of God like a drop of ocean water is to the entire ocean — a quantitatively smaller version of God — as some dualist teachings and their proponents erroneously assert. That would make the One Spirit divisible into smaller fragments. God is indivisible, indivisibly One, and in Its indivisible oneness there is none separate from It or apart from It. Every drop of water is “water” in the exact same manner that the ocean itself is “water.” The essence and nature of “water,” its chemical composition as H2O, is the same regardless of the water’s volume quantity whether it be the water in one small drop or the water in a huge olympic-size swimming pool. The ocean (God) is in the drop of water (you), and the water drop (you) is the ocean (God), itself. Chemically both are one and the same molecular substance, sharing one and the same chemical properties of H2O — water.

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Your relationship to God is not one of a “connection.”  You are not merely “connected” to God.
 Many pseudo-mystical teachings found in New Age circles or “oneness” movements, are misleading spiritual seekers by teaching that one has to connect or reconnect with God, or that one has to become God.  Such teachings imply that there is a “you here” and a “God there” that need connecting. That would be duality arising from a human sense of separation from God.  An individual cannot connect or re-connect with God because the individual is always one with God: We are never unconnected or disconnected from God except in our human sense of separation from God, by believing, thinking and feeling that we have an existence that is separate and apart from God or by entertaining the notion of duality vis-a-vis our being and God’s being.

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      Any teaching that sets up
      a distinction between a
      “you here” and a “God there”
      requiring connection to,
      is not the Truth teaching.

By the same token, you and I cannot become God or become more of God than we already are. It would be foolishness — an exercise in futility — in the light of our existing oneness with God. It is like telling me to become me or to become more of myself humanly, when I am already being who I am in my humanity.  How much more of myself as a human being am I not being humanly, or how much more of a human person can I become than what I am already right now?  It is like telling you to become more of you or to become more of a human being, when you are clearly already fully being a human being now.

[Acknowledgment: Thanks to T&H–Inspiration & Motivation for publishing the above video of Alan Watts’ talk on YouTube.]

In a similar vein, you and I do not have a lower self and a Higher Self. That would be duality, too. There is only one Self, and you are It even as I am It. And, all that It is, you are and I am — we already are. There is only one being and that is God-Being.

      There is only ONE BEING —
      God-Being.  There is only ONE SELF — God-Self.  You are this God-Being and this God-Self.
      And all that God is, you are.

Image of cookie dough and cookie cutout.

The cookie dough figure cutout will have the same exact substance and quality as
the cookie dough preparation from which it was cut, despite the cutout’s assumed form.

I and the Father are one.   (Yeshua, The Gospel according to John 10:30, NASB; emphasis supplied.)

I am the Self, O Gudekesa, seated in the hearts of all creatures.   I am the beginning, the middle, and the end of all beings.   (Krishna, Bhagavad Gita; emphasis supplied.)


Absolutely No Separation from God
Your oneness with God is absolute such that: nothing separates you from God, nor can anything ever separate you from God.

Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?
If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there. (Psalms 139:7-8, NKJV)


And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love.  Death can’t, and life can’t.  The angels can’t, and the demons can’t. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can’t keep God’s love away.  Whether we are high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.  
(St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans 8:38-39, NLT; emphasis supplied.)

Oneness poster using Maldives Dock picture.


Absolutely nothing—I repeat:
absolutely NOTHING
separates you from God.

The life you live is God’s life — perfect, infinite, good in all aspects, whole, complete, and fulfilled.  The life essence of The Infinite animates you and constitutes your very being.

Then the Lord God formed the man out of the dust from the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being.
(Genesis 2:7, HCSB; emphasis supplied.)


In His Image and Likeness


      Many people lose the way because they think ‘I’ lived as the man Jesus and
      as nobody else, not realizing that ‘I’ lives as you and ‘I’ lives as me, and
      that ‘I’ is the true identity of every individual.  There is only one ‘I’
      and we shall someday discover that that ‘I’ is your being and my being and
      that It is ours in order that we might have life and that we might have it more abundantly.

      (Joel S. Goldsmith; emphasis supplied.)


      The nature of man, then, is the nature of God expressed individually, and this man, therefore, must be the image and likeness of God, the showing forth of God. For man to be holy, God must be holy; for man to love his enemies, God must have no other feeling than love; for man to be forgiving, God must express no condemnation, no judgment, no punishment.

      . . . The goodness that is in God is innate in the goodness of His creation.

      But  if we claim that God is wholly good, that still has no effect on our life as long as we are separate and apart from God. God may be wholly good, but we do not share in that goodness until we can perceive our oneness with God as heir of God and joint-heir to all the heavenly riches, and accept the promise, “Son . . . all that I have is thine.” Unless we can see that oneness, it will be like believing that Jesus was wholly good, that he was the son of God, but that we are not. . . .

      But  we are not something separate and apart from God. “I and my Father are one,” and in that relationship of oneness the perfection of God is our perfection, and God’s freedom from the capacity to sin or to suffer disease, lack or limitation is also our freedom. Whatever goodness is being made manifest through us is God’s goodness; whatever immortality is the immortality; of God; whatever of love or of justice is the love or the justice of God; whatever of intelligence is God’s.
      (Joel S. Goldsmith, from Realization of Oneness, p. 8; emphasis supplied.)

Droplets of water may arise and dissolve, but they never lose their essence as water, despite their seeming “separation” from the greater body of water against which droplets can be observed and defined. In our humanity, we appear to be finite beings. We should not be deceived by our human senses and physical appearance: We are infinite beings who have arisen from a common infinite Source, and we retain and contain within us — Infinity. There are no degrees to Infinity.

As Its individuation in you, as you, God is intimately the very life of you (as well as that of every other individual human being) because there cannot be a life existing separately and apart from God.  Underlying this intimacy with God is your oneness with God, your identity in God.   For this reason, you must learn to genuinely honor and love your Self first and foremost.

As a further consequence of our oneness in God, we are all truly spiritual brothers, forming one family in God and having only one face in God.  This is the basis for the brotherhood of all mankind. The teachings of mysticism instruct us to see God in every human being and in every form of God’s expressing.


The Case of Error or Evil: Duality in Human Consciousness
If we are not experiencing the divine nature of our individual lives, it is because of a  sense of separation from God which we entertain in our dualistic human state of consciousness. There is actually no separation from God.  This sense of separation from God is illusory: It arises from a misperception — an erroeneous notion — entertained in the mind. It comes from the material sense we entertain humanly about life and reality at the finite physical dimension of existence and life experience.

[Acknowledgment: Thanks to Tragedy & Hope for the YouTube video above.]

      The pressure of this world is a sense of separation.  Divide and conquer is the way of the world.  But in spiritual oneness, in spiritual union, there is strength.  In our union with God, not in the union of men and women but in our union with God, is the source, the supply, and the infinite nature of our good.
      (Joel S. Goldsmith; emphasis supplied.) 

The duality entertained in human consciousness maintains the human mind’s belief in two opposite, conflicting or contradictory powers.  This belief in two powers perpetuates a division or “state of dividedness” in the mind, that prevents us from realizing the truth of Oneness.  It keeps us bound to the human condition and subject to the suffering and misery that go with it.

Now just as it is possible to hypnotize you into believing that there are snakes in the room, so is it possible to hypnotize you into believing that there is a selfhood other than God in any place where you happen to be.  As soon as you have been hypnotized into believing in a selfhood apart from God, you then logically accept all the beliefs regarding this selfhood: birth, growth, maturity, and ultimately death. There is only one way to be rid of the human picture, and that is to understand that there is no person and there is no selfhood other than God in the room or in any other place. But the hypnotized person will at once counter with, “How can you say that there is only God in the room?” And the answer is simple: there is only one Life, and that Life is God; there is only one Soul, and that Soul is God; there is only one Spirit; there is only one Law; there is only one creative Principle: God. What then can be present except God? Nothing!

The moment you see God and, you are hypnotized. The moment you see a mortal, material world, you are hypnotized; and from then on, there is no possible way to get rid of the appearance. That is the reason that even if you kill the snake over there in the flowerpot, two more will rise up to take its place. That is why with all the advances made in materia medica everybody still dies because everybody who is born must die. They do and they will. At best they may live a few more years, but that is all. People still die of pneumonia; people still die of tuberculosis; they still die of cancer; they still die of heart failure, and were a cure found for these something else would immediately replace them.
(Joel S. Goldsmith, from Realization of Oneness, pp. 59-60; emphasis supplied.)

[Acknowledgment: Thanks to The Take for the YouTube video above.]

Admittedly it is very difficult to break free from this human belief in two powers.  Many    people, including spiritual seekers and even well-meaning teachers of oneness, fall prey to the duality fostered by the physical senses and the conditioned intellect mind.  The duality taints their visions of life and the world, as well as their teachings. They fail to realize the purity and integrity of God’s nondualistic mystical oneness, and they unwittingly misdirect and misguide others by their erroneous teachings, into feeding and perpetuating the duality of the world’s mass consciousness or the collective race consciousness.

    The mind needs a “DE-conditioning,”
    not a re-conditioning, to become UNconditioned as the Christ-Mind
    or Buddha-Mind.

They attempt to re-condition people’s minds for change, without realizing they are reinforcing and perpetuating the very human condition they were seeking to change. Operating under erroneous paradigms and false patterns of thinking that can only be counterproductive, the conditioned mind cannot be transformed by re-conditioning.  Re-conditioning only flips the coin of duality to show the other face or side of the coin as its turnaround: It does not eliminate the duality.

Only the DE-conditioning of the mind will truly awaken individuals to Truth or Oneness, and bring forth a renewed experience of life lived by grace. Only illumined consciousness — a consciousness that rightly discerns Truth or Oneness — is capable of doing that. Releasing and discarding the coin of duality — DE-condiitoning — reveals the UNconditioned quality of the mind, what is referred to as the Buddha-Mind or the Christ-Mind. Awareness is genuinely and permanently transformed from its human state to its divine pristine state.

If there is no evil in your consciousness, there is no evil operating in your world.  How can you determine whether or not evil is operating in your consciousness?  Do you accept or recognize a presence or a power apart from God?  If you do, then evil exists for you.  Do you see something to hate, fear or resent?  Then you are seeing an image which you have created within yourself.  Hatred, resentment, and fear are but figments of thought, the result of a self-created image, and are, therefore, without power, presence, or reality.  God is the fabric, the substance, and the law of your consciousness.  Evil is but a suggestion or temptation to accept a creator apart from God. This suggestion you must handle within yourself, until you come to that place of rest in which the Word of God abides in you and you abide in this consciousness of truth.   
(Joel S. Goldsmith, from The Art of Meditation, Chapter: “Fear Not” 109-110)

      The belief in duality binds us to the human condition and to all its ills.


Graphic placeholder for Non-reality of Error module.

(Click on the image above to play and view the learning module.)


You Cannot Serve Two Masters

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
(Yeshua, The Gospel According to Matthew 6:24, KJV; emphasis supplied.)

Space-time Forms Emerging from Hilbert Space
Screenshot from “The Emergent Universe”

Consciousness must be maintained and preserved in its pristine oneness. Awareness cannot be divided in a state of duality such as the case of the human state of consciousness. Otherwise, it will be conflicted within itself and result only in division and inharmony. Such a state of awareness will not be able to sustain itself. Sooner or later it will disintegrate and collapse on itself.

The truth and the falsehood of a deception or lie are irreconcilable. They are mutually repugnant to each other. You cannot embrace the truth and reality of Oneness (God) and at the same time pander to the material sense of reality (mammon), i.e., the sense of separation from God and the human belief in two powers. There is only one reality — God. There is no such thing as a “spiritual” reality and a “material” reality existing alongside that spiritual reality.

Materialism is false and unreal; as a belief system or philosophy, it is a myth. Today, quantum mechanics and theoretical physics are showing us that the physical or material universe we have accepted for so long as “true and absolute reality” is only a simulation by a program running in the mind — just like the storyline in the Matrix movie series.

It is only consciousness (the very nature of God) that is real. Paradoxically then, the physical universe that seems so very real to our physical senses is really an ILLUSION.

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Throughout our known human civilization, humanity has lived and functioned on the basis of a human sense of separation from God and under the dualistic belief of two powers: good and evil, moral and immoral, sick and healthy, rich and poor, etc.  As a result, our human civilization has never really entered into an era of lasting peace among men and total harmony with nature. At best, we experience only brief periods of seeming peace between wars.  It is time we heed the Master Yeshua’s wisdom teaching: “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  

If we are to see and experience the enlightenment of our species and the healing of our planet, we must learn from the errors of our human civilization which has done nothing except to perpetuate the human state of consciousness. We have to cease holding onto and persisting with paradigms and belief systems that do not work and will never work for us due to their inherent flaws, erroneousness and shortcomings.  As Albert Einstein once said: Insanity is when you keep on repeating the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.  Our human civilization is indeed insane because we keep repeating the same mistakes or errors in consciousness while expecting to experience different results in the hope of creating a truly better world.  If we are to change our world, we must begin with the inner change or shift in our state of consciousness, both individually and collectively.

    Human civilization is insane because we keep expecting to create a truly better world and life for ourselves, yet at the same time, we continue functioning with, and laboring under, the same self-limiting, self-defeating human state of consciousness. We thereby keep repeating the same mistakes in our world and in our relations with one another over and over again.

[Acknowledgment: Thanks to globaloneness for publishing the video above of Fr. Thomas Keating on]


Awakening to Mystical Oneness in the Spiritual Journey
When you awaken to Oneness and personally experience the absolute reality that God is within you as your true Self, you will see through the illusoriness of the sense of separation and discern the error in the belief in two powers.  This spiritual awakening to the Truth of Oneness is what mystics refer to as enlightenment or spiritual illumination.

The entire process of the awakening, from the first glimpses of its fragile transformative humble beginnings in human consciousness, to its glorious end in the explosive transfiguration of divine consciousness in the individual, is what we call the spiritual journey along the mystical path of life. It is a voyage in consciousness through the infinite and unfathomable waters of the divine mind.

The spiritual journey has three main components: (1) the process that drives your journey, (2) the context by which the process is meant to take place, and (3) the content that you, yourself, put into the process to run it. It is very, very important and essential to your process that your content exactly match the context of nondualistic mystical oneness, if you are to experience and become established in the oneness that is God.

is the context
of the journey.

Image du Transfiguration du Christ, pour Titien c.1560, Venise, Église San Salvador

Transfiguration du Christ, pour Titien: c.1560, Venise, Église San Salvador

But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.
(Yeshua, The Gospel According to John 12:32, NIV)

The journey in itself is a paradox and a mystery: You head towards a destination that is nowhere but everywhere at the same time. You start a journey that is already finished and complete — here and now — right where you are, right now. Yet, the process does not cease: It continues to function and operate. The wheels of your car keep on rotating; your car keeps on going and moving forward in an epic voyage of spiritual consciousness unfolding forever . . . eternally, endlessly, infinitely.

The spiritual journey
in itself is a paradox rooted in oneness
and a mystery resolved
in transformation.

Animated GIF presentation for a Paradigm and Model for The Spiritual Journey.

A Paradigm and Model for The Spiritual Journey

The one Self
contemplates Itself in
a wondrous and magnificent journey
of Self-discovery.

Image of God experiencing and realizing Himself in oneness.

God experiencing and realizing Himself in oneness.

In the oneness principle of mysticism, creation is God contemplating Itself infinitely. (Click on the image above to read a blog regarding the subject of God’s Self-contemplation.)

[Acknowledgment: Thanks to AwakenTheWorldFilm for posting the YouTube video above.]

The book pictured at the left, Awakening Mystical Consciousness by Joel S. Goldsmith, is a good study reference for awakening mystical consciousness in you. I recommend it to all serious students of mysticism and the mystical life.

Awaken to Oneness and take flight like a soaring eagle in what will be your Ascension. Ascension is transcendence over the human condition, transcendence over the illusoriness of a human sense of reality, transcendence over the sense of duality and the sense of separation from God. It is transcendence over our humanness — the human, personal sense of self. It does not mean going to some faraway location in space called heaven. Rather, it means entering into the transcendent state of mystical consciousness permanently.

The grace of the Ascension enables us to perceive the irresistible power of the Spirit transforming everything into Christ despite any and all appearances to the contrary.   In the misery of the ghetto, the battlefield, the concentration camp; in the family torn by dissension; in the loneliness of the orphanage, old-age home, or hospital ward — whatever we see that seems to be disintegrating into grosser forms of evil — the light of the Ascension is burning with irresistible power.   This is one of the greatest intuitions of faith.    This faith finds Christ not only in the beauty of nature, art, human friendship and the service of others, but also in the malice and injustice of people or institutions, and in the inexplicable suffering of the innocent.   Even there it finds the same infinite love expressing the hunger of God for humanity, a hunger that he intends to satisfy.
(Fr. Thomas Keating, OCSO, The Mystery of Christ; emphasis supplied.) 


A Mystical Christianity
Here is an informative and enlightening interview given by Episcopal Bishop John  Shelby Spong on the subject of religion, the gospels and Jesus. Bishop Spong cautions against a literal interpretation of scripture.

[Acknowledgment to SourceCode10 for posting the video at YouTube.]

[Acknowledgment to Allan Gregg In Conversation for posting the video at YouTube.]

A pre-eminent voice for liberal Christianity, Spong was the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark for 24 years before his retirement in 2000. His admirers acclaim his efforts to make contemporary theology accessible to the ordinary lay person. He is considered a champion of an inclusive faith by many both inside and outside the Christian church. His challenges to the church have made him a target of hostility, fear, and death threats. Calling himself  “a joyful, passionate, convinced believer in the reality of God,” he does not seek to create a new religion, but rather to reform the church he loves.

[Acknowledgment to Countryside Community Church for posting the video at YouTube.]

[Acknowledgment to University of California Television (UCTV) for posting the video at YouTube.]

In a sermon given by Bishop Spong at Renaissance Unity on the true message of Jesus, he echoes the sentiment that nothingabsolutely NOTHINGseparates you from God’s love.  Even if you kill the love of God, he says, the love of God still loves you.

Here is another video taken from a lecture by Bishop Spong titled “Jesus for the Non-Religious,” where Bishop Spong discusses what it means to follow Jesus.

[Acknowledgment to livingthequestions for posting the video on YouTube.]

What a wonderful message he gives us!

You will find more of Bishop Spong’s talks at YouTube.

Mysticism begins and ends in

in between is
just the expression
of that oneness.

We complete our presentation of Oneness here, the what of the mystical path. We now focus on expressing that Oneness in our lives as we transition to a series of discussions about the “process” of the spiritual journey — the how of our practice for living the mystical life.



Portrait Image of Yeshua (Jesus).

Yeshua (Hebrew: יֵשׁוּעַ) or Jesus (Greek: Ἰησοῦς Latin: Iēsous) of Nazareth,
Jewish Rabbi, Mystic and Healer,
Who Realized The Christ or The Messiah

“I am not alone, because the Father is with Me.  I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace.  You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous!  I have conquered the world.”
(Yeshua, The Gospel According
to John 16:32-33, HCSB)


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2 Responses to Oneness

  1. Grace Padilla says:

    Absolutely edifying and marvelous – the message and the messenger. Kudos to you Marc. In all these, I pray that you realize how this Oneness is manifested in you and through you. …. your continual dying to all that is in the oneness with the Other.


    • Grace,

      Thank you very much for your gracious compliments. What is difficult about living the mystical life, and most of the time a painful or bitter experience, is the “dying daily” to the personal or human sense of self (i.e., the dismantling of the false self system).

      Very recently, however, the Spirit gave me the grace to discern and correct a flaw in my understanding of oneness and, correspondingly, in my practice. The book “The Only Freedom” by J.S. Goldsmith gave me a deeper insight and a better comprehension of what it means to have an impersonal sense of self vis-a-vis mystical oneness. Quite instantly as soon as the adjustment in consciousness was made, I felt a deeper and more abiding sense of inner peace from my practice.

      There is definitely a relationship between our awakening to Truth and the dismantling of the false self system: Our deeper awakening to Truth brings about a further dismantling of the false self system; and the more we work at dismantling the false self system, the greater becomes the spiritual awakening.

      Thank you for being a steadfast spiritual friend aside from the wonderful human friend you already are.

      The infinite peace of the Christ-Mind is yours, Grace. In love, I remain.



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