The Realization of Truth

Glory be to the Father within me,
to the Son that I am, and
to the Holy Mother that surrounds and enfolds me.
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
in a world without end.  Amen.
– A Doxology to the Triune Nature of God, by Marc –

The Gift of Contemplation
Contemplation or meditation, as the mystical experience of union with God, is a gift to us freely given by the Spirit. We already exist in a state of oneness with God. The only thing missing is the direct experience of that Oneness in God, so that we can become consciously aware of that Oneness.

When we sit in silent meditation, we become receptive to the activity of the Spirit of God within us. We thereby allow God or Truth to impart and disclose Itself to us experientially as our realization, as our demonstration. God is the only presence or being there is, and, therefore, there is nothing else to demonstrate but God.

In a series of talks, Abbot Thomas Keating, OCSO, addressed this important aspect of contemplation: Contemplation is a gift from God which we already have. Here is what he said.

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Experiencing the Self as the Christ
At the core of the mystical experience is the experience of the true Self, our deepest Self.    Listen to Fr. Keating speak of our deepest Self.

In experiencing the true Self, we experience the Spirit of God within us, the Christ, the Son of God in man, as our very identity. This inner realization is the basis of our transformation and healing.

By experiencing the Christ-Self, we come to conscious union with God or oneness in God. This is the unio mystica, the mystical union, the mystical experience of God — the illumination of the soul. We are “kissed” by God.

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To experience the divine Self that you are, as the Christ/Son of God within you who is eternally one with the Father, is to finally come home to the “kingdom of God.” It is a spiritual awakening. It is enlightenment. It is illumination!

God literally brings you home to Itself in consciousness, in your realization of oneness — the realization of Truth.

Let the Christ live
in and through you.

If I die, let me die. Let him live.

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Practice, practice, practice, practice, and practice.

Living in the Moment, Living in the Now

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One of the clear benefits of meditation is its capacity to enable “momentariness” in our experience — the ability for us to live in the present moment, in “The Now.”  “The Now” is not a moment of time framed on one side by the past and on the other by the future. This is a common mistake made by pseudo-mystic teachers of spirituality. There is no such slice of time because time is a constant flow of sights, sounds, and sensations experienced in and by the mind, as the progression of bits or pieces of event information running before us like the still frames in a movie reel.

In his video below, Eknath Easwaran explains what momentariness is and how it comes about as a result of our regular meditation practice.

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In this other video, Easwaran talks of when the mind is stilled.

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“And I am testifying to you from personal experience that I don’t have to keep my mind thinking all the time. When it is not necessary, it doesn’t think. And when you are able to do that, then you realize what the meaning Om shanti, shanti, shanti means. There is such peace in my mind at that time, as a Catholic mystic says, if you squeeze my nail, peace will come out of it. This is permanent joy. This is the peace that passeth all understanding. And once you taste that, you realize what your real need is.”
– Eknath Easwaran –

The Fruitage of Meditation: Grace and Healing
With spiritual awakening, enlightenment or illumination, comes the end of suffering. The enlightened one experiences oneness in God and with all that God is — God-realization: “God is Light, and there is no darkness in Him at all [no, not in any way].”  (1 John 1:5, Amplified Bible)

God is wholeness of being and fullness of life; and in God, there is no suffering, only the joy of God-Being. The enlightened one knows and understands the secret of the Tao — the how of life and living, the eternal principle and process of existence.

Principle and process
are inseparable.

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A life of grace and healing are the fruitage of Truth realized through meditation.

Healing in every area and aspect of life, most especially in consciousness, is the fruitage of realized Truth. The grace that flows from a healing consciousness meets every need, lack or limitation in your life and in the lives of your loved ones, friends, and associates. It extends to bless the whole world because of the principle of Oneness: The Truth realization of one individual benefits the rest of mankind, because there is only one Self, one Life, one Being, one Consciousness, one Spirit, one Mind.

The spiritual awakening of one benefits all others everywhere, not just ourselves. For this reason, we engage in spiritual healing work — to become clear channels of God’s healing grace.

The spiritual awakening of one benefits all others.

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Healing work is not necessarily a specific activity we deliberately choose to perform or undertake. Every time we engage in meditation to commune with the Spirit within us, we are engaging in spiritual healing activity. The nature and activity of the Spirit is to constantly express Its innate wholeness, completeness and perfection. The outer healings we seek or pray for in our day to day life situations, are really the inner experience and conscious awareness of God’s healing presence as the Christ we already and truly are. Consequently, we do not invoke or use the power of God to change or correct our outer circumstances. We stand back from the situation to become witnesses to our demonstration of Truth or God.

Spiritual Healing in the Realization of God’s Wholeness

Many times, however, it is not easy to “stand back” in the face of our human circumstances. It is then that we actively do our spiritual healing work. Again, not to personally engage against the appearance of evil or to demonstrate our human good, but to allow ourselves to “stand back” and to disengage from the state of human consciousness. This way, we let the Spirit reveal to us the illusory nature of the appearance or situation, so that we can experience a change in circumstances as our experienced “outer” healing. True spiritual healing work results in total and permanent healing.

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Practice, practice, practice, practice, and practice more.

5 Steps to Total Healing
We now present our unique spiritual healing program, the “5 Steps to Total Healing.” This program is the culmination of years of inner work with mystical principles, meditation practice, spiritual healing, and unfolding consciousness.

Poster for 5 Steps to Total Healing

The “5 Steps to Total Healing” program elevates healing work from the psychological and metaphysical levels to the heights of pure mysticism and metapsychology. Through its five, simple, progressive steps, the program seamlessly and effortlessly guides the spiritual student, practitioner, or patient through the transformative inner process of healing consciousness . . .
. . . beginning with the learned recognition of the underlying “error” in the individual’s human mindset . . .
. . . through the critical process of seeing thru the appearance of the condition or form by disengaging from human awareness, and . . .
. . . finally to the experience of the true Self with the UNconditioned mind — the inner realization of wholeness or truth. The realized truth ultimately brings about the actual healing experience.

We practice spiritual healing to
experience wholeness in the Self
with the UNconditioned mind —
the Christ-Mind or Buddha-Mind.

The healing work is individual and personal, in that: no intermediary or extraneous factor is necessary to do the work once the steps have been duly learned, and the very nature of the work always assures the work’s accuracy and consistency. You, individually, are sufficient to bring healing into your life experience, because you already have within you the only, true Source of all healing power.

The Five (5) Steps to Total Healing
5 Steps to Total Healing

Our 5 Steps healing program is an illumined understanding and practice of spiritual healing as taught in The Infinite Way.  As such, it is a departure from popular metaphysical mind control, mental re-conditioning through positive thinking, or behavioral modification methodologies of healing by the application of mental thoughts and ideas, such as:

  • the cognitive therapy of clinical psychiatry and psychology, which functions mainly on the basis of substituting or switching between the polar dichotomy of opposing HUMAN beliefs, or

  • the mental healings typical of metaphysical and other mind-dynamics systems, that RE-condition the human mind at its level of human conditioning and DUALITY, in the guise of “improved humanhood.”

To engage in authentic spiritual healing work and to experience total healing in the face of a deeply conditioned human mind, we need to differentiate and discern between the processes of truly DE-conditioning the mind and merely re-conditioning the mind.

Re-conditioning treats at the level of the experienced appearance or form. It is a reaction, not a genuine spiritual response, to the problematic condition or situation. Re-conditioning admits and accepts the reality of dualitythe acknowledgement of two irreconcilable, conflicting polar opposites — the belief in two powers. It, therefore, precisely consists of switching from one end of the pole of opposites to the other — the denial of an adverse or repugnant negative (bad or evil) condition and the corresponding affirmation of its opposite and desired positive condition. In short: A mere substitution of a negative thought, belief or emotion, with a positive thought, belief or emotion. Consequently, a patient will experience only a temporary change of condition while the karmic cause continues to play out at the unseen levels of the mind. The healing is not permanent.

In a re-conditioning, the mind continues to be CONDITIONED and, therefore, subject to karmic law.

There is nothing wrong, per se, with a re-conditioning considering that it may result in what is clearly perceived and experienced as a better situation — an “improved humanhood” in the language of The Infinite Way teaching. However, a re-conditioning still leaves the patient with a condition, albeit a good or better one, and a reinforced belief in human good and evil. The mind continues to be CONDITIONED under a re-conditioning process of mind treatment. As such, the patient will continue to swing between the poles of duality. This normally happens in the case where a disease may go into remission only to later return and reemerge with a seeming vengeance.

The DE-conditioning of the conditioned human mind, NOT its re-conditioning, is the goal of our work. All human suffering arises from the programming of the mind. The dismantling and elimination of those deep-seated energy programs produce the total and permanent healing experience resulting from an UNconditioned mind.

The DE-conditioning of the
conditioned human mind,
NOT its re-conditioning,
is the goal of our work.

We provide the individual with an efficient, Photograph of Lotus in Palmseffective psycho-spiritual method of DE-programming the “viral awareness” afflicting the mind — the state of human awareness rooted in:

      •  the perception of duality,
      •  the personal or human sense of self, and,
      •  at the very depths of awareness, a lurking sense of separation
        from the Ultimate Good, God.

Aside from being a more contemporaneous re-statement of the healing principles in the mystical teachings of Infinite Way founder Joel S. Goldsmith, the program provides 21st century practicing mystics and students of contemporary mysticism with a no-nonsense, straightforward guide to spiritual healing.

Learn the spiritual healing process from us in the 5 Steps to Total Healing. We shall assist you in working with the process in your own life.  Contact us now for more information.

How do you know spiritually when you are healed?

When you realize there is
NOTHING to be healed.

The Four Consents
In his Spiritual Journey series of retreat conference lectures, Fr. Keating speaks of  four (4) “consents” that an individual is expected to make at certain stages of life, in order to develop fully into a spiritually mature human person.

[The above video is available from our YouTube channel.]

Summary of “The Four Consents”

Consent Nature or Purpose Age
1.  LIFE To accept and affirm the basic goodness of our being and that of life. 1 – 11 yrs
To allow the full development of our being: to affirm our capacities to do or become, biological growth, the goodness of others, and spiritual transcendence eventually 11 – 22 yrs
3.  NON-BEING To let go and release our humanhood, viz: bodily aging, illnesses, death. Middle Age
To welcome and allow the demise of the false self system. 50 onward

Ideally, the appropriate consent should be made during the stage of life to which that consent pertains. Furthermore, the prior consent(s) is needed to progressively facilitate and help enable the individual to make and fulfill the succeeding consent(s).

However, life events, circumstances, situations and conditions can impair the making of a particular consent at any given stage. When this happens, succeeding consents may become compromised or affected negatively in varying degrees.

[The above video is available from our YouTube channel.]

In the second part of Fr. Keating’s lecture (the video above), he shares his recollection of a member of their religious order whom he knew personally. He reflects on how the person’s life exemplified the consents he was discussing.

Persist with Your Practice
Practice makes perfect.   Your spiritual practice is the expression of your devotion to God and your commitment to the spiritual journey.  Practice builds you up for the task and activity of contemplation.  Practice opens you to the mystery of Oneness.  Practice enables you to realize the Truth.  Practice opens you to the transforming mystical experience of God.

Living the mystical life is never easy.  It requires the commitment of a lifetime — a commitment to study and practice, and to persist in our study and in our practice.

The few who embark on the spiritual life find it difficult, and it is difficult. There is no question about that.  The fact that living the spiritual life is not an easy way should not disturb us, because, if we are determined to attain the spiritual way of life, we must be prepared for a period of struggle, effort, study, and discipline.
— Joel S. Goldsmith —

The main struggle for us is that we are the product of centuries of living exclusively in the external. Not only are there centuries of materialistic living behind us, but right in our cribs we began to live with rattles and dolls, later with marbles and with every of kind of game that would keep our attention centered on the outer world.  Sadly enough, even when we entered school more attention was usually paid to keeping us entertained and occupied with games and sports than with intensive study or with teaching us how to be still enough inside so that we could concentrate. Because of the preoccupation with nonessentials, there are only a few who have developed the ability to concentrate and know how to study.

An ability to find inner peace and stillness is required in following the spiritual path.  Our entire demonstration rests on our attaining the ability to be so quiet in mind that we can hear “the still small voice” and receive impressions from within.
(Joel S. Goldsmith, from The Art of Spiritual Living,
Chapter: “The New Dispensation of Prayer”)

The spiritual life is difficult.  But if we are determined to attain the spiritual way of life, we must be prepared for a period of struggle, effort, study, and discipline.

The ultimate result of our practice is a transcendent state of consciousness in which we may continue to remain in the world but not be “of it,” that is, we are not affected anymore by the suffering that is inherent in the human condition. The transcendence is the Buddhist nirvana, not a Paradise-like place or location in time and space but a state of mind steeped in the bliss of soul illumination.

by Franklin Merrell-Wolff

FELT DIMLY in the soul, by world-man unconceived;
Unknown Goal of all yearning;
The Fullness that fills the inner void,
Completing the half-forms of outer life;
The Eternal Beloved, veiled in the objects of human desire;
Undying, Timeless, Everlasting;
Old as Infinity, yet ever new as upspringing youth;
Pearl beyond price, Peace all-enveloping;
Divinity spreading through all.
“Blown-out” in the grand conflagration of Eternity,
Death destroyed as a dream no longer remembered.
Life below but a living death,
Nirvana the ever-living Reality.
Divine Elixir, the Breath of all creatures;
The Bliss of full Satisfaction;
Uncreated, though ceaseless Creativeness;
Ecstasy of ecstasies, thrilling through and through,
Freed from the price of ignoble pleasure;
The Rest of immeasurable refreshment,
Sustaining the labors embodied;
The one Meaning giving worth to all effort;
Balancing the emptiness of living death,
With values beyond conceiving.
The Goal of all searching, little understood,
By few yet attained, though free to all.
Sought afar, but never found,
For closer IT lies than all possession;
Closer than home, country or race,
Closer than friend, companion, or Guide,
Closer than the body, feeling, or thought,
For closest of all IT lies,
Thine own true SELF.

So, practice,
practice, practice, practice, and PRACTICE.

Photo of Joel S. Goldsmith

Your persistence on the spiritual path means that the spirit of God has already touched you.  You have not chosen God.  God has chosen you, and God will not let you go until you arrive safely at home in His bosom.  The constant recognition that the spirit of God has touched you and will not let you go is one of the greatest helps on the way.
— Joel S. Goldsmith —

“The constant recognition that the spirit of God has touched you and will not let you go is one of the greatest helps on the way.”

The Buddha in Blissful Serenity Once the Spirit has you in its hands, you are caught hook, line, and sinker. It grabs hold of all of you, until your inner transformation is made totally complete. The divine romance has begun.  You can only surrender to It. You can only flow downstream with It on Its way back to the vast ocean of Its oneness.— Marc —

And now, as part of
the Divine Romance . . .

The Divine Romance between the Cosmic Spirit and the Individual Soul
(Depicted by the Hindu God Shiva and His Consort Parvati Dancing)

. . . enter the eternal
cosmic dance of God.

Portrait of Krishna

Krishna (Sanskrit: Kṛṣṇa),
Avatara of Lord Vishnu

In this way you will be freed from bondage to work and its auspicious and inaus-picious results.  With your mind fixed on Me in this principle of renunciation, you will be liberated and come to Me.
— Krishna —

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